Tied To Reality

You were just lying down with me,

but now you're miles away

You tell me that you need me,

and prove it to me every single day

Love was a concept I thought I couldn't


But all of those doubts seemed to go astray

while you walked along with me and held 

my hand

A girl to a woman is what i'll soon be

with just a simple touch from this sad reality

From a boy to a man, you are beginning to find yourself

in different ways

and with the help others you will do this with ease

one day

These past three years haven't been easy 

without your presence 

but every time i see you, I begin to enjoy your soul's 

essence- ever so sweet, caring, and tender

Nothing compares to this feeling that I will have forever

No one said life was easy, so let's give this a try

Let's begin this long odyssey, with just you and I. 


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