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As a New Yorker, it was a usual day as the rest. Meeting with clients, and ordering calls was all he had to stress. Mr. Dittmar did not expect the worst attack to come
“Mom’s not coming home.” “Why?” “Come here.”   Two buildings on the verge of collapse  A Fire’s bloody vengeance-- 
Home, Farewell, amongst the inevitable rubble As the nights fall does the ground darken Home, Farewell, amongst the oil black ground accompanied by the sound of a muffled radio
  I am tired I am tired of the violence The war and hostilities Fighting on the streets
   A place of sorrow. A place of tears. A place of death. A place of inspiration. A place of hope.    A place where human courage was displayed with two simple words – “Let’s roll.”
American pride is wrongfully written its true meaning is hidden beneath zealous jingoism   pride, on a Mohs scale, is a ten
I AM not feeling confident about this off course direction. the way im being flown isnt right.I WONDER why we are approaching that black smoke so rapidly with anger and force
Back when the two pillars of freedom collapsed A people, galvanized, suited up and axed The chance to make peace by going to war Without ever asking; What are we fighting for?
Help!-One building then another.An Inferno blazing like the Sun,as a Cloud of darkness engulfs the city.
Manhattan morning singed, sincerely mourning twins; twinging; gingerly lingering in remembering ringing smoke and suffering and silence and death screaming, suffocated in newly created catacombs.
People have so many memories of that day Of sadness and pain Of national pride and anger Of unity and fear  
North and South Rose with the Sun. North and South Had worries none.   North and South Saw the End was near North and South Trembled in fear.   North and South 
14 years ago today I was sent home from school and told to go play.   14 years ago today mommy cried tears daddy couldn't wipe away   14 years ago today
What is one to do A view clouded by anger Heart full of sorrow
Richard Drew took a beautiful picture; Everybody whines  It's a tragedy   All I see is exactly how I feel when I want to flee
It was an ordinary day  But ended with tears 
It was an ordinary day But ended with tears
The knife plunges into her abdomen
  “You’re not in this alone. Let me break this awkward silence…” Blared loud into eardrums   Eardrums of an emotionally unhinged fourteen year old boy
On September 11, 2001  the news came on shocking us all The towers were crashing and people were dashing They sent out their teams when they heard many screams
Hard to sleep in my city 
On 9-1-1 God Passed through
No time to think about what to do, everyone is screaming
We have some planes…four words that changed the world. Men, women, children, even a three year old girl. In 102 minutes 2,977 innocent people gone. Now families are left not able to go on.
I remember the comets   The day my walls fell— Crooked as my reality Crumbles into a rubble I felt choked as Fate’s hand throws dust Into my eyes blinding
I would turn back the hands of time, to make it where airplanes did not fall out of the sky. To save those in the Twin Towers, to save the families from their grief, and to change the face of terror.
Leaves swirling, Trees dancing, Wind blowing.   Red is the blood of our country's martyrs, Orange are the clouds of the setting sun,
A span of eighteen minutes. An American Airlines Boeing 767, Very low. A span of eighteen minutes. Heavy black smoke billowed into The sky. A span of eighteen minutes.
Floor by floor all the same with souls; persons with names Floor by floor smothered with ash; smothered in flames Floor by floor with worried looks on faces Floor by floor with no safe spaces
America will always remember this day
One of the saddest days of American History The reason it happened, we don't understand why Watching that first plane fall Was like watching fire fall from the sky 9/11 will always and forever be
Wake up, it’s a normal day. Go to work, the normal way. Down the street and into a building, up the elevator and down into a chair. Typing words and drinking coffee, I hear a man telling how he got mad at his kids the other day.
What was it you were thinking?That fateful day you leapt,out of those burning towers,as we all looked on... and wept.
And it's really sad, how this all worked out. I watched the scene alter, watched it all fall down. With a tear or two, maybe three.  I can feel them drowning, or is it me?
I've seen the dirty city's heart Through battered train windows revealed by the peachy gaze of a streetlamp army are countless streets and neighborhoods each made up of infinite detail
I peer into your eyes,they quaver and fillbig, somber: greenthey overflow and spill. The tears thunder down your cheekslike the towers in the daythey crash and they screamfaster than anyone can pray. Your flushed cheeks utter gaspsof horror and pa
  We look up and see nothing but sky Blue, Bright, Clear The galaxy beyond is a dream within a dream A world eclipsed in light  As we climb towards the edge of the overwhelming darkness
On the ninth floor the copier was jammed The ink stuck in the veins Never making it to the well The memo left blank   On the eleventh floor the water cooler was dry The paper funnels useless
At five years old, I hardly understood The tragedy that had just occurred. I vaguely remember my kindergarten teacher Frantically racing from one room to another Desperately trying to gather information
As I stand here, at Ground ZeroI reflect on what happened all those years agoSo many bitter memories on my mindFrom the day I escaped with just my lifeI should be a dead man, I shouldn't be alive
Where was God when the Towers fell? Where was God when Americans died? Where was God when the children cried? Oh, but God was there! God gave courage to the men who crashed plane... God let the towers fall...
Here I am sitting now Thinking of that long lost day I remember years ago The day that struck us all   I was sitting with my dad In that lonely den When on the TV came the news-of-
I am ineloquent. My mind is a ball of yarn the cat has played with- it's tangled and mangled. Distorted. I pull the string from my mouth, but I sometimes reach knots. I am ineloquent - but only in a sense
The world stops if only for a moment.  Thousands of eyes glued to screens filled with colors of red, black, and orange.  Sirens and screams blare, personifying the panic and frenzy  of shared terror.  
Yes I was old seven when the planes came crashing down When firey gray skyes hit an unexpecting city and unexpected loses were abound. Yes I was tiny but I still understood not all the big words 
9/11, a horrific day But, there are some people who still can say   I was there when the first tower fell I heard the injured’s panicked yell   I ran in to try to help them all
Wandering memories retrieved every year A different perspective from all my peers Everytime tears befall Due to the attack we all recall As I begin to slumber, I start to wonder
Taken by surprise, shock fill my veins, right here I stand, staring towards the crashed plane. How big is that hole? On that plane, one building to many souls? Aas that an accident? a possible mistake?
Buildings falling, Fires grawling, today the gods are calling. The angels fly as survivers cry.
With iron pen, our great nation had been established and founded, 13 colonies, all elated; Britain, astounded.   America, the land which I'm speaking; its forefathers pronounce,
Smoke rising to the sky. Tears sliding from peoples' eyes. Two towers, a field, and a pentagon set ablaze. A nation glued to the T.V.; shocked and amazed.
To remember pain, confusion, and tears is a difficult thing for anyone—especially for those who do not understand.  Ten years is too short and far too long. For some, the wound has healed clean.
A man leapt from the eighty-fourth floor, arms folded back like a V of geese. And though the cameras never caught the Rorschach splatter of his body, I imagine the ground
The people didn't know They never saw it coming It's the eleventh day of September Everyone starts running
To my mother To my father To my sister To my brother To my friend To my lover I ask you please beseech you even- Do not. I beg of you on bended knee Do not.
The Twin Towers stood as tall as trees In the middle of New York City Parents kissed their kids Kids went to school But in 102 minutes Our lives seemed to crumble
Buildings crumble, Down in the street. Ones that stood so humble, Now resign at my feet. Planes take a break, People cry out. What else could they take? Live fly about.
What were you doing when our lives were changed forever I know were I was on September 11,2001 do you It was 1st grade and I was on my way back from morning gym I walked in all my teachers were huddled around the T.V.
I do not understand. No hello to people on the street. Keep walking, keep walking Don’t make eye contact Shit, are they talking to me? Keep walking, keep walking. We are cold individuals.
Vanilla cream curdles in blackberry tea; I didn't know. Dish soap suds, scented With childhood and artificial lemon, Sting my hands, Chapped, graceless. I shaved a sliver from my thumb with a paring knife
In Memorium of September 11 Shatter goes the windows of the first Twin tower. Smash goes the side of the second Twin tower. Accidental, people thought until the third plane hit the Pentagon.
The young the old The brave and the bold Their story shall always be told As we lay down our heads Upon our pillows in our beds
Brainwashed minds Strolling down that busy street, Never expecting Disaster and freedom to meet. Two twin shadows Towering over the city, Soon to be rubble What a shame and pity.
It was just an ordinary day We woke, refreshed, ready to start the day It is 6 o’clock I made eggs and then we kissed goodbye I watched him walk off down the street I was happy We, were happy
It was just an ordinary day We woke, refreshed, ready to start the day It is 6 o’clock I made eggs and then we kissed goodbye I watched him walk off down the street I was happy We, were happy
Red as dark as cherries, As thick as melted chocolate, flowing in and out of the heart, it pumps to a beat like no other.
Burning ashes fall upon my shoulders, and screaming bodies run. I look through the blur of faces, and don't know what can be done.
We all felt grief, That day we saw, Planes crash into, Towers so tall. Preserving the lives, Lost that day. Something so awful, You can hardly say.
Two candles, laced with the scent of new Carpets and men in their freshly pressed Suits, stood towering waiting to celebrate.
The truth lies the best. For example, Your textbook says he died as a challenger of the lady giant, welcomed to the American Coliseum, but sir, that is not quite the case. He died
Could I survive from this height? Look, there's concrete, the whole side falling on me. Was it planes? I heard that it was. It was hard departing, a line marching down the stairwell.
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