Tribute to the Towers

What was it you were thinking?
That fateful day you leapt,
out of those burning towers,
as we all looked on... and wept.

When you grabbed the other's hands,
was it in pain or fright?
Fear of dying all alone,
scared in braving eternal night?

Who was it that you thought of,
as you made that fateful choice,
was it kids, husbands, wives?
Could you feel them?
Hear their voice?

What was it you were thinking?
As you neared that ground,
reaching terminal velocity,
the time to mourn not found.

Did you feel for all the country?
As our great towers, they did fall.
Were you confused and saddened?
Or did you understand it all?

Did you cry or scream or crumple?
As you slipped right through the air
falling falling faster
Did you forgive all who had been there?

Did you remember peaceful summers?
The city lights, the snow?
The way the sunlight glimmered
across a lovers face; it glowed.

Were you swept up by nostalgia,
cradled in its dusty embrace?
As the memories consoled you
did you remember the whole human race?

Did it come from a place inside you?
One you've never seen before
where everyone else's secrets live,
where we were connected, in myth and lore.

Could you see them all inside you?
Feel the places that they touched?




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