I AM not feeling confident about this off course direction. the way im being flown isnt right.
I WONDER why we are approaching that black smoke so rapidly with anger and force
I HEAR screaming upon screaming. chaos breaking out. voices yelling inside me. unaware of which are my own.
I SEE nothing worth being mentioned.
I AM not guilty
I PRETEND the smoke is a storm cloud and the shaking is just a rough patch its fine.
I FEEL that if I tell you to "fasten your seat belts and stay calm itll be okay" youd know that im lying.
as we approach our final destination I TOUCH the second building.
I WORRY people will think its my fault and place the blame where it doesnt belong. I was fine. 
I CRY because I didnt have any control over my actions but to shut mp eyes and pray that it would be okay but im done lying. its not fine. it is not okay.
I AM innocent I promise you
I UNDERSTAND that hatrid can go a long way and damage your heart. I wanted to help. I wanted to stop. I did! but i couldn't. 
I SAY goodbye to the dreamers and the pure souls ive murdered. 
I DREAM that you will all be safe soon.
I TRY to stay intact with the pieces of my body but im falling apart. im collapsing.
I HOPE that I can be forgiven.
I AM the plane that crashed into tower two and I am sorry. 


This poem is about: 
Our world