American Tragedy



We look up and see nothing but sky

Blue, Bright, Clear

The galaxy beyond is a dream within a dream

A world eclipsed in light 

As we climb towards the edge of the overwhelming darkness

We are surrounded in a rage of heat

The fire of the sun embraces our skin as we become one with the stars

Our new form is weightless

We look down on the sorrow of the earth,

the mourning of its own adventurers. 

We join those lost in catastrophe

Those whose life strings were stolen,

greedily cut by the hands of Fate.

Those doomed in an iron sarcophagus 

as the "unsinkable" drifted silently into its watery grave

Those who watched from towering heights

As a bewitched bird flew helplessly into their being

Their life. Their dreams. Their story.


Yet the great American Tragedy does not rest with those who look down on earth

But with those who look Up.

Past the clouds

Past the stars

Passing even the heavens

We hold within ourselves 

The memory of the life they once knew

The dreams that once defined them

Their story that will never be written

This is the American Tragedy

The great tragedy



We who are left behind, 

We who will always remember.





If you would, I'd love to get feedback,advice and tips so I can get better at writing poetry! :)

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