14 years ago: In memory of 9/11

14 years ago today

I was sent home from school

and told to go play.


14 years ago today

mommy cried tears

daddy couldn't wipe away


14 years ago today

there were thousands and thousands

of flights delayed.


All this and more

happened just this way

14 years ago today.


14 years ago today

I was 3 and couldn't say

What on earth was going on

14 years ago today.


Today I look back, 14 years ago.

I see the ashes that covered 

everything like snow.


I see, 14 years ago

people died for something that

they didn't even know.


I cry for 14 years ago

I vow to make sure

no one else has to know


What it's like to take a flight

then know that you're all going to die.


I vow to give my life

so that no one else else will suffer so


Like they did


Like so many did


14 years ago.

This poem is about: 
My country


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