Home, Farewell

Home, Farewell, amongst the inevitable rubble

As the nights fall does the ground darken

Home, Farewell, amongst the oil black ground

accompanied by the sound of a muffled radio


Home, Farewell, to the open streets of paper and metal

Illuminated by the brown lights fading

Home, Farewell, to the wethered green that spread

From miles on with now an end


Home, Farewell, as the ground chills my feet

With a burning and empty body

Home, Farewell, gazing at the sky and floor beneath me

But ressasured my arms are strong


Home, Farewell, as the space between and I no longer collide

It only takes a moment

Home, Farewell, for legs wander off into the unknown

Watching my vision turn upside down


Home, Farewell, to be loved a whole life long

But that love is gone and has runned out

Home, Farewell, we’ll all recall when time runs out

Only to out run our time


Home, Farewell, no longer I wait

To break the barrier I’ve long admired

Home, Farewell, to our race

As our faces are further away


Farewell, Home, to curiosity I follow 

Farewell Life


This poem is about: 
Our world



I wrote this in the perspective of the last person residing on earth after it has been destroyed by mankind. Kinda like WALL-E but a human. Until he ventures off from the place he once called home.

Also I did write this on 9/11, other people who have read it say that it fits perfectly with the wording of the poem. That was not my intended meaning but it's up to you what story you want out of this. Comment down below which perspective you like better.

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