9/11 Broken Heart


Wake up, it’s a normal day. Go to work, the normal way.

Down the street and into a building, up the elevator and down into a chair.

Typing words and drinking coffee, I hear a man telling how he got mad at his kids the other day.

A lady, she’s excited to be getting married, another is telling how she has a baby inside her.

Suddenly, an earthquake?! As I feel the whole building shake. Things topple over, my new computer breaks.

What’s that sound? People, screaming. What’s that smell? Sulfur? Fire?

Fire! I hear someone yell, run to the exit, can’t get out. Debris everywhere. Run to the window, whats that? A plane?

A plane has run crashed into the building! Someone gasps. Then people panic, trying to get out, but they can’t. We are stuck someone says, we are not getting out.

Someone will come! We will be saved people say. The building, it tilts. The fire, it burns. People begin, to jump out the windows.

Weeping, screaming, A women says through tears how she wouldn’t to speak to her husband the other day. My heart, it’s breaking.

These people, these lives, they will all be lost. That lady, will miss her own wedding. That man, Wont get to tell his kids they’re all that mattered in this world.

That baby inside that mommy, won’t get to see the light of day. That women, wont get to tell her husband she loves him. My heart, it’s breaking.

I lean against a wall, and pray to a God I have only dreamed about. Please, I pray, Keep me safe and hold me tight, and I’m so sorry whenever you called my name, I always turned the other way.

I can feel the building, its falling, I can hear the people, they’re screaming. Lord I pray,

My heart, its broken.


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