A Day of Changes

Brainwashed minds
Strolling down that busy street,
Never expecting
Disaster and freedom to meet.

Two twin shadows
Towering over the city,
Soon to be rubble
What a shame and pity.

Horror filled the air
On such a beautiful day,
When those planes crashed down
And dreams flew away.

And just like that
Their world was changed,
When so many lives
Were drastically rearranged.

But with unusual events
Comes unusual bravery,
When the weak bound together
Freed from their perfect slavery.

Chaos and tragedy
All around,
Yet those courageous
Strangers stood their ground.

They had no name but hero
Whether in uniform or tie,
When they risked their lives for others
And expected no reply.

Shrieks and smoke
Engulfed that blue sky,
When so much innocence
Was forced to die.

So here’s to the Weak,
The Brave, and the Dead,
We’ll never think the same again
When a plane flies overhead.


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