Chris Wise - Product of New York


Ebbets Field Apartments
1700 Bedford Avenue
United States
40° 39' 54.5184" N, 73° 57' 25.4808" W

Hard to sleep in my city 
Snakes creep in my city 
Poverty steeped in my city 
Corner store eats lead to deep obesity 

Community splintered 
Where there should be centers 
We should be winning 
And not be sinning 

Why's success hypothetical? 
And happiness is but a tragic myth 
Found in a brown bag 
Brown water 
in a plastic fifth 

Adversity strengthens my city's armor 
I'm more sensitive to my city's dharma 
E-cigarettes and street hookah's 
Terror threats and cheap hookers 

9/11 changed my life 
as Grandma watched it from our window 
How much trauma have we inhaled? 
Kinda smelled it but 
Just didn't know 

I'm growing up in my city like 
Biggie up at 2-2-6 
Or Malcolm up at 1-2-Fifth 

And you can never fade me G 
I'm Larry Johnson, 
Game 3 

I went to 8th grade prom on the B49 
But what about the child that's been left behind 
Daily celebrations 
I just wonder where we find the time 
When it's by design that the culture of our city's dyin! 

I've been sent to revive 
Resurrect and inspire 
Intercept the hesitant and instill faith 
That we gon' make it 
From this space called hate 
With some food on our plates 
Some peace in our hearts 
And a smile for the face 
Cuz it's the little things 

The cat in the bodega chillin'
The lil homies playing 2-on-2 at 12 in the morning 
They seem about 7 
But I know 
God is protecting 

This is for the dollar pizza eater who refuse to tie his sneakers because the look is cleaner 
I feel you bruh 
I walk your walk 
I talk your talk 
Products of New York


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