Daddy's Last Thoughts


No time to think about what to do,
everyone is screaming
but Im thinking about you.
Dust, papers, trash in the air,
Im running,
running scared but to where?
This morning I dropped you off at school,
and left your mommy at home.
I came to work,
but I never knew i was leaving you and your mommy alone.
Baby girl I think the roof is falling down,
Im trying but there is no way out,
running turning around.
Im stuck under 110 floors.
 I cant breathe, I cant see.
Baby girl im terribily sorry.
I love you, and I know you love me.
Grow up and live a good life,
take good care of your mommy, my lovely wife.
I know you may ask why daddy didnt come home tonight,
 but ill be with you in your dreams every night.
Again, I love you, and your mommy too.
 I just want you to know,
my last thoughts were about you.


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