I am Tired


I am tired

I am tired of the violence

The war and hostilities

Fighting on the streets

Abuse in the home

Shooting in some foreign land

I Am tired of the bodies

That these things leave behind

It doesn't matter young or old

They never seem to stop

They say they died for something

But all I see is nothing

I AM tired of the ignorance

The complete apathy

The belief that they are only one

Who matters on this earth

They refuse to help those who have not

Simply because they have

And think that they are lazy

Because of pure bad luck

I AM Tired of the division

That tares us all apart

It hits at our core

And creates disdain from words

That and nothing more

I AM TIred of the disdain

For those of not your faith

Who choose to believe in something different

Living differently from you

I see nothing wrong with it

Why the hell do you

I AM TIRed of the racism

It should come as no shock

What does it matter

That someone is different from you

I AM TIREd the wars we fight

The flag covered caskets

The lost limbs and holes where flesh once was

The empty spot at the table

The empty spot in the driveway

and the wounds all but unseen in the faces of those who have been through it

I AM TIRED of the hate we hide from ourselves

That comes out in off color jokes

And rears it's ugly head in the name of “security” and “safety”

A problem solved by simple communication





And I know my words don't matter

I know they never have

And they probably never will

But if they look back at this time

I hope they know that some  were not happy

With how things were

And while I want to say that we took a stand against it

The reality was

We didn't have a choice

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My country
Our world
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