One of the saddest days of American History

The reason it happened, we don't understand why

Watching that first plane fall

Was like watching fire fall from the sky

9/11 will always and forever be

A terrible celebration

Because it has left a huge scar

And this nation

So many had lost thier lives

On this very day

So many eyes filled with tears

So many mouths with nothing to say

They were mothers and father

Sisters, brothers, and even a close friend

To all those who were lost

You're memory we never end

So let us honor this day

And let our hearts be filled with love

Because those people are in heaven now

We the Lord up above

They feel no pain

Cry no tear

So long as you still love them

And keep them in your prayer

They are in a better place now

But you don't need to say good-bye

Because we will see them again one day

And this is not a lie

So it's ok to cry

Or even be depressed

But please do not worry

Because they are taking a peaceful rest

R.I.P. To those who lost their lives today. You may be gone but you are never forgotten


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