Holy Brotherhood


United States
33° 33' 33.642" N, 82° 9' 37.746" W

The people didn't know
They never saw it coming
It's the eleventh day of September
Everyone starts running

The plane starts diving
Turbulence is their guess
Little do they know
Their plane makes a mess

Millions die in silence
Went up in the smoke
Some were lucky to live
While others choked and croaked

Many have become widows
Some children are alone
Many buildings were torn down
Or some without water or phones

9/11 was a tragedy
We will never ever forget
But the one who made it happen
Lightning will be sure to hit

Everyday there is a disaster
Like hurricanes and suicides
We hurt and cry every minute
And have friends by our sides

But even though we live in tragedy
We live on to the next day
We pray, love, hurt, and laugh
Then our bodies in the ground to lay

So don't be sad for us
Don't sit there and cry
Because before yo know it
We can tell those people, "hi"

If you really love them
Do your best to be good
So that all your great deeds
Will lead you to the holy brotherhood

And all that I know
Is that my uncle would say,
"If I do die today
I will shine on you from the holy brotherhood one day."


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