Spilled on an Envelope (a reflection on 9/11 at voices of 9/11 event)


To remember pain, confusion, and tears is

a difficult thing for anyone—especially for those

who do not understand. 

Ten years is too short

and far too long.

For some, the wound has healed clean.

For others, it is still a raw sore.

To the young

it exists as a swollen bruise

we can’t quite explain but,

has always existed as a part of our reality.

Times and people change.

Tragedies happen.

It is how we remember those lost

and reach out to others that

growth and understanding can be shared

toward the future.


Maritza Ruby Altamirano

I respect you for touching upon this devastating tragedy in the most gratifying way. Those hurt, physically and mentally, by the 9/11 would greatly appreciate this. God bless them. Overall, good-job!

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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