Mon, 10/08/2012 - 17:29 -- czubad


United States
48° 45' 22.3776" N, 122° 29' 22.0524" W

Could I survive from this height?
Look, there's concrete, the whole side
falling on me.
Was it planes? I heard
that it was. It was hard
departing, a line
marching down the stairwell.
I wished I could find
a window to look out.
Are we almost down?
I laughed, excited, exiting,
as it rained bombs.
I wanted to look up, but it was
like water from a falls.
It just flattened.
Where are my hands? I know I had them.
Why is my bone
sticking out?
Shouldn't it be tucked under the skin?
Have I been dismembered? Oh no.
I am crying. Out loud. Can I cry now?
Help, someone carry me out
of my weakness.
I am missing my hand...



This is a very eerie poem, since it has moments of happiness and laughter but also of pain and suffering. Nice use of opposing ideas! Keep writing!

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