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We grew impatient for the sunrise of a summer' day, Waited till the waves swallowed our future fears. As the rum and coke swirled our problems away While we got off the train of prudent years.
The stars tumbled down at once, White diamonds upon fragile palms. Hazy sapphires festered and fused, As if Van Goh’s Starry Night
Authentic Spauthentic  Jordan C. Sullivan  Normally volunteers Consistently.  Activist who is a  Representational  Teenager babysits  Addition’ly. 
When our biggest concern isn’t about  Fighting over the hula-hoop at lunchtime,  we’ve grown up When our days are no longer filled with recess and giggles we’ve grown up When our eyebrows start to furrow 
You give me butterflies in my stomach,  Sometimes there's so many I feel I need to vomit.   You smell like a childhood memory, I'm not sure which one- it all gets so blurry.  
Driving up the mountain just to see the sunrise I saw something that really caught my eye  I saw the trees that stand proudly in the summer And I couldn´t help but say they reminded me of her 
Meeting eyes with you was like staring at a picture that has been hung in the living room my whole life. You were so familiar, yet you never failed to catch my attention.  
We were in love once, not long ago. You said that you could never let me go.   You kissed me with all of your energy Maybe that's why you set me free  
  Instead of giving me a necklace Made up of his hands   We sit in his Grand Cherokee And listen to our favorite bands  
We had no plans and began to drive Into the small town that had tried to hide   From a paper map, hung on the wall it would seem to be fields that only stretch on  
You don't need more food... You should probably get a small... You should go for a walk... You should cover your stomach... Why aren't you speaking to me? Why do you always sleep?
Trapped in his own asylum Letting fumes take hold of his lungs Booze takes over his brain Like a video control game. Midnight thoughts Rake at his mind Like jubilation Being exiled.
She sat in her 1994 Geo-Tracker, in the school parking lot-- feet on the dash and all. She was sipping on Robitussin, and smoking a cigarette.
Sniffling, crying, screaming, Searching for the savior dressed in white wires Knowing the trail of joy has expired But once the play button is pressed,
This is a sad poem, but it's a beutiful day. with the blue sky and a breeze to cast the sad away. ok. But I am far to lazy to do anything about it. I could be working, I could be strong.
When you’re young, you’re invincible There are no consequences You drive too fast, slurp too many shots, and run faster than your legs want to go
Do you ever get that feeling The feeling of wanting to fly But your wings are broken Every word unspoken   Do you ever get that feeling The longing desire to run But your legs are paralyzed Your nerves are tranquilized   Tell me the truth As my so
She’s looking at him and he’s looking at her And neither of them will speak to each other Over dinner there is only silence and the Quiet clinking of glasses and mushy chewing
When she flipped her hair, 
Singing with The Smashing Pumpkins      at sunset. Slumberous teenagers sinning      on swing sets. Soul mates trapped in      sundripped snapshots. Sipping a strawberry shake-      two straws.
im really rather fond of drivingof moving, while not moving muchof possessing the power to annihilatebut using it for meandering about andgoing to mcdonalds
We thought honeysuckleswould turn us golden like lemonade, andwe could drink from the caverns in our hands or the grooves of our fingers,
I wonder if love is like, Dancing in the wind,
When you miss that boy And your nights are derived of joy Do you ever stare at the stars And wonder where you are? What you are doing here With a heart and mind so unclear And a Destiny destroyed by work
(I am who I am as a result of who I am not)   I am not the girl my parents thought I would be
" 15 minutes " He said to me eagerly " A lot can happen in 15 minutes" I knew what he meant but I told myself I wouldn't give in He looked deep into my eyes. With his gorgeous brown eyes. 
17 and Screaming17 and FreakingNo one warned me about this feeling.
I am merely an average girl with a passion for fashion, Photography is life, And so are filters.   Realistically, I am a simple girl without filters, Or maybe, a beauty-queen who needs a little edit.
My life displayed upon a screen- I live behind a filter; I never say what I think. I’ve been trained to keep my mouth shut, but my lips glossed and pink. Without the social media, I am like all the rest.
Flawless Dancer   The lights brighten and the curtain rises. I stand motionless...                          Shaking.
d the ability to get a glance at the figure of the physique under the black veil I've cast upon myself, I applaud.
i’ve been counting all the bones
I am different. At times, even belligerent
I know I’m unwanted, Yet I still try To find the one Whom would die For me and make me feel
The print has faded From the movie ticket of our first date, Just as our love has done.   I still think about you
Broken Wings  
  By: Alondra Vahan
Too many nights my mind wanders travelling to where my lost possessions are now. Ordinary belongings. A blue hoodie. Hairties. Pencils and pens. Then instead of wandering to unknown destinations,
Rooms filled with a couple handfuls of angsty teens waiting for the next band to plug in and tune, sweat dripping from the collective brow  of the future of society, the new movement; 
Baby Girl!! What are you doing?!! Do you care about your life? Being a mother isn't easy Being a single mother is harder Being a single, young mother is damn near impossible.
Sneaking photographs,selfies in my English classto post on Facebook   Staying up til threewith homework, and on weekendssleeping in til noon  
I hate you
Kisses are like fear and confusion and lust curiosity expressed in an awkward
To you whom-- has my heart I seek in you, my whole desire. But she punctured you, thy dart. we speak, my love, in quiet words. with words we must not leak for she will come and tarnish you
Sweatpants, t-shirt, hair tied in a knot, fuzzy socks, cozy blanket, she wears them a lot.   Laptop on her leg, slurpee on her side, slouching on a pillow, in her messy bed she resides.   
You were the best thing that ever happened to me; I love you, Michael.    
I want to like to unlike you. Rid my skin of the craving of yours on mine. Take out the thoughts of you that linger in my mind For they slowly incapacitate my mental abilities. You entered my world by chance
This is for the girl
  Delicate is that fancy cell phone held, that sharp bottle sits, that youthful face drives. 
Once upon a time there was a girl
Tell me why I feel like I'm slowly slipping away from you When we haven't even been together for long I just feel like I'm not good enough for you I feel like I can't be the girl you dream of me to be But I do try
I'm slipping. You make me so confused sometimes. I'm still trying to figure out if you're good for me. You take my breath away. But, don't I need to breathe? I'm confused.
You're teaching me things every day. I learn more about you: The things you like, And the things you don't like. It's all very interesting. You're a very unique and special person to me.
Dear my love, whose name is unknown I’ve encrypted my unspoken words onto this heart of stone   Each waking hour, each restless night, every passing moment all a paradigm
Some people say the dead cannot speak. They speak. We speack. I speak.
I thought you were something special, Not like any other boy, But I guess I thought wrong. I thought I had finally found someone who liked me for me; Someone who wasn't just there to admire my body,
Yesterday was something special. Just a simple conversation that meant so much. I believe now, that there may be some hope for us, That is not just in my dreams.
Seeing things in different ways, is giving life a perspective. You don't have to be blind, if you can't see them.. Maybe you just couldn't find the right perspective? Questions last forever, but lying by answering doesn't...
I just keep falling back into the same things Over and over again I make the same mistakes Why? Same heartstrings pulled every time Why do I fall in love so easily?
Another soul was lost A soul who forgot the meaning of hope A gun to the head No warning given to others Why? I guess he just gave up     #RIPCameron    
The way he makes me feel The feeling is unreal He makes me feel pretty He's not the one I imagined But still he makes my heart flutter The way he stares at me is not uncomfortable
I dreamed of you last night I dreamed that you were with me all through the night I dreamed that you held me close and never let go I dreamed that you whispered in my ear And told me that you loved me
A love I once honed Is now a memory long forgotten; With how quick I lost it, Or even rid of it- Was it lust instead? Cradled in my plams Had been a lingering hope That the past would reverse
Those little hands will never know
I feel dirty I am ashamed I am a disgrace How long did I think I could keep this up? Even though I knew that it wouldn't be long till I was found out Every time Never fails I feel like crying
you said i am everything you ever wanted we were in love so we made that decision i was 19 i barely knew myself i was ready to take on this journey, so were you everything was perfect
You never know what it's like to grow up alone I wasn't complaining, just simply saying But it is really hard to come home to a broken home It's not that I'm asking for a better home, just simply explaining  
It's a sad, sad world Filled with too many disappointments And I'm so tired of it So damn tired And as if crying about it helped It just makes me hate myself even more  
If only you knew How my heart jumps a little when I see you, How I spend hours picking out an outfit, And go all out with my makeup Only to impress you If only you knew
In this society, the most troubling age in life, the worst part ever, the one we all hate to look back on and love to look back on with disdain, is romanticized.
Help me believe that youre the right man for my heart..help believe that you can stand to be the mother of my future childrens...
I could tell you a secret, But it's locked inside. I could dig in and reach it, If I dismantled my pride. I really want to tell you, But you're in a different state of mind.
He's stripped her of her innocence, His touch has darkened. Her internal morals vanished,  Her souls' been broken.   She remains silent and carries on, But her smile has wilted and gone.
I can't believe I was so blind, To see the mistakes I made, To see all the chances I could have taken, To see all the things that went wrong, To see all the things I could have prevented.  
Instread of building a bridge,  I built a wall to Cry behind. Instead of building a bridge, I built a wall to Administrate the pain. Instead of building a bridge,
there was a boy and a girl they met unexpectedly on the street one day he dropped his book she picked it up he smiled
“I’m not going to tell you to do anything. I’m going to ask you instead.”                                 Her eyes opened as her mouth shut.
The welling tears form a layer of haze from the outer to inner corners. I hold my breath hoping that the liquid will recede like a wave returning to its base from shore.
Stop trying so hard And just relax Take each day slowly And give love back   Life is short And terribly long Painfully bitter Yet a beautiful song  
My version of entertainment is not watching a family fight. It is not watching a man's life fall apart. It is not watching a girl flip over a table Not is it watching a girl get punched in the face.
I forgot  Those times I sat on my bed and cried, And sobbed my losses after all I tried And you sat by my side and held me tight You spoke comforting words to make things right.
So you ask me why I write... You want to know why I do what I do? So here, how about I give you a clue,  I am an emotional volcanoe just waiting to erupt, but not in the way you may think, I don't live to dectruct
Normal,You're normal,You're just like all the restA number stamped across the pageA statistic on a testThe SAT's just like a treeThey said climb and do your bestBut little did those people know
I write a poem; a verse; a page in my diary, To calm this fire and rage. Cause there is no soul I trust to let the air out.   I listen to those music; to those rain drops falling;
My skin is tan, and my back is strong. strong enough, to take the pain .. inflicted again & AGAIN.   I get scared to, and I fight back knowing I'll lose because I'm strong enough, to take the pain ..
A year has passed since last we were together, when the days were long and sunny, when I smiled a lot more. But after that day, when I learned the truth, about those feelings you have deep down,
  It's funny how people think I'm a really strong person and nothing bothers me. I'm always smiling, trying to be the happiest person I can be. I hide behind fake smiles & "I'm fine"
I am a teenager I am young but feel so old around my peers I am alone with my elders I am whole with the gossip I abhor- my heart just seems to break. Thepressures irr irreg
Like a repetitive note hidden in a melody Giving significance to the sky in its remedy Not hearing the flow from a space through a crack Unless the vibrancy is constant in its subliminal act
Tu me donne ton portable, et j'ai lu un message. Je découvre qu'il s'agit d'une terrible annonce. Tu ne m'aime plus? Mais, je ne comprends pas pourquoi? J’écoute, je comprends, et je peins mon amour pour toi.
Look around and see eyes staring. Wonder what they see when they look at me. Can they see what I feel or can they see the disguise i cover myself with. Do they see the confused and scared girl?
Make the puzzle piece fit Make my words come out SWEET Wear a veil tiptoe real meek
One step too close Face-to-face Nothing else matters But this moment today. Now only centimeters apart This crushing distance is closing And with one final spin, You decide to leave me abandoned.
The mind is a maze of mirrors. Every which way you turn you run into yourself. But which you is real and which is covering up the path that you must follow? Is that all that you are? All that life is?
once lost, it disappears, it vanishes. it disintegrates into nothing, it's absence leaving a void that can never be replaced.
She stepped out of the car and quickly strutted her way to the classroom, avoiding as much eye contact as possible; Then, during the second that she looked up- the look that had to be made because she was tired of
We, like the forever wind, rage like the gemstone sky, scare like the diamond fire, sear We are, like a roaring train, a force like her ocean eyes, electric like the sun’s breath, gold
This is the story that is more about nothing. More or less the present day Cinderella story where nothing turned into something.
He looked at Me today.. He didn't speak but He peeped at Me today.. I caught that little smirk, I still consider him a jerk for the way he portrays himself around school, but its all cool.
Love was in our verses, Love was never perfect, when the music had played out its like god came and birthed it. Heaven had met earth it had finally scratched the surface, those three years that i spent had really felt like they were worth it.
After all the dew has fed the lillies, I will group them into portraits of your smile I would give anything to be in your company, to spend eternity in your arms If not for just a little while.
Our backs were bent ‘til we were walking on the knuckles of our souls The trees were drinking angels’ tears in the deserts where they grow And the only time my heart was shaken was when I threw it to the wind
I just want to scream until my lungs give way Exploding with the stress I have tucked away No fight left in me, the spark fizzled out I'd give any possession to escape this route My sense of purpose lost
I thought women had silver dollar nipples not ones that look like balls of scrunched up panty-hose.
Hooded eyes: downcast, afraid Hunched shoulders, bearing the weight Sad smile, betraying the truth The pressure: too much for this youth.
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