It is Freedom


So you ask me why I write...

You want to know why I do what I do?

So here, how about I give you a clue, 

I am an emotional volcanoe just waiting to erupt,

but not in the way you may think, I don't live to dectruct

only to construct

Love flows through me like the blood that flows through my veins

And joy resides in my heart, that's the throne it claims

Sometimes I get hurt, maybe angry or even sad

But these emotions are what make me

so these struggles can never break me

I strive to show others that the real beauty within 

everyone I touch is touched by my love again and again

It creeps upon them like the sunrise on a lost city

where everything once dim is now lit and plenty

so in short lets just say,

I write because I want to spread my love for life

and my joy to have the choice to make things right. 

Its is beautiful, It is freedom





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