Look Around and See Eyes Staring


United States
40° 54' 14.8428" N, 74° 5' 40.6716" W

Look around and see eyes staring.
Wonder what they see when they look at me.
Can they see what I feel or can they see the disguise i cover myself with.
Do they see the confused and scared girl?

Look around and see eyes staring.
Wonder how they judge me.
Do they judge me by my hair or the way I talk?
If only I could listen to what they are thinking.

Look around and see eyes staring.
How do they look at me?
Do they look at me the way my parents see me?
With long black curly hair,
who believes in fairy tales and dreams with her eyes open,
who can do anything to make someone laugh,
who loves to smile and who puts someone else's troubles ahead of hers.
I look around and see eyes staring and that's all I can see.


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