Depression: A Poem


United States
28° 29' 30.2208" N, 81° 32' 55.2228" W

Hooded eyes: downcast, afraid
Hunched shoulders, bearing the weight
Sad smile, betraying the truth
The pressure: too much for this youth.

Weight: it settles right down
On the chest, along with a frown
Struggle, to lift up your chest
Impossible: to be at your best.

A smile: a glimmer of hope
A mechanism, just some way to cope.
The pressure, it isn’t for all
The weight: it’s making me fall.

Sadness: like a gentle cloak
Stifling, it has started to choke
My heroism is just a façade
Cracking: you can see I’m flawed.

Perfection: isn’t all that it seems
Honestly, it tears at the seams
Fraying, I’m losing it all
From my height, I now feel so small.



Depression is a major issue that many people deal with, and something that more people need to understand. This poem is a great way to bring attention to how depression can make people feel, especially since you described each part of it. Excellent poem- you should check out "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section for even more inspirational ideas!

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