Like to Unlike You

I want to like to unlike you.

Rid my skin of the craving of yours on mine.

Take out the thoughts of you that linger in my mind

For they slowly incapacitate my mental abilities.

You entered my world by chance

And it's been changed ever since.

Music no longer sounds the same.

My bed convinces me it has room for you, too.

Every delicious meal is one I wish to share with you.

My eyes light up when I attempt to string together a mess of words that convey

The way you make me feel.

Oh, the way you make me feel...

Don't even get me started on 

The way your hand fits perfectly in mine

Like two puzzle pieces that were misplaced in two seperate boxes all their lives.

Or the way my heart melts every time you burst out into song.

But the thing is

It doesn't just melt.

It's more like a puddle trying to reconstruct itself into a snowman on a summer day.

Hopelessly hopeful.

I want to like to unlike you.

But the sentence doesn't read right in my head.

The words are jumbled.

And I can only read it in chunks.

They start rearranging themselves.

I want to like to unlike you.

I unlike you.

I unlike to like you.

I want you.

But the truth is,

I just want to be wanted by you.

I want to like to unlike you.


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