Teenage Romanticism

In this society, the most troubling age in life, the worst part ever, the one we all hate to look back on and love to look back on with disdain, is romanticized. But, I dont think that a time period in life where I am utterly confused and stressed and distraught and angry and so lonely and gross and acne-tastic should be made to seem so lovely. All those movies from the nineties and eighties, She's All That and The Breakfast club, those movies are true but also utter lies. Bceause those movies give me hope that I'll find a sudden love that will forever be mine and I'll be loved no matter what I look like - of course, so long as I'm model-pretty and under 130 pounds (aka, average weight). So I'm done with all the teenage romanticism. I'm done with looking up at a big lie. But thats not true, because I love those movies because I love that false hope.


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