Wed, 07/29/2015 - 01:51 -- Hazel.O

" 15 minutes " He said to me eagerly

" A lot can happen in 15 minutes"

I knew what he meant but I told myself I wouldn't give in

He looked deep into my eyes. With his gorgeous brown eyes. 

He took my hand and it made me jump at first

but then my hand melted into his with the comfort of security

I could feel my guard slowly coming down, but I had to fight it. 

As everyone exited the room one way he pulled me in another direction

We ran down a hallway and hid behind a door so we wouldn't be seen. 

Meanwhile I'm telling myself "I can be strong, I wont give into him."

Who was I kidding, he's perfect of course I will. 

He made sure we were alone. 

He slipped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him and I lifted mine around his neck

staring deep into each other's eyes, he lifted one hand off my waist to push the hair out of my face.

" Wow, you are so beautiful " he said 

I smiled

he brushed his hand off my forehead and onto my cheek to pull my face to his.

" I totally caved" I thought to myself as I close my eyes. 

Just as I feel his warm breath on my lips

we hear foot steps quickly approaching down the hallway

Someone yells "You two aren't supposed to be down there! People have been looking for you!" 

I look at his watch and 20 minutes has passed

"get back to rehearsal!" the someone down the hall says 

" We'll finish this later" he says as we walk back to our rehearsal room

but later never came 


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