Let The Rain Fall


United States
36° 6' 8.4024" N, 86° 38' 45.5784" W

Love was in our verses, Love was never perfect, when the music had played out its like god came and birthed it. Heaven had met earth it had finally scratched the surface, those three years that i spent had really felt like they were worth it. You had fell for me, like i had fell for you, yeah my heart was true, I had it bad for you. Call a doctor! Please ask him how to mend a broken heart because mine is not broke its completly torn apart. No tears now , yeah they dried up with the pain, pointless emotions had been thrown up in the flame, burn it all on the fire with no shame, then i threw it out back and let the rain wash away. i know you thinking that thats kinda cruel and all , but im leaving all my baggage behind so i wont trip and fall, heart might be cold as the snow when the winter calls, but some rain will help it spring up and grow when it unthaws. . . And So I Let The Rain Fall

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