I Hate The World


It's a sad, sad world

Filled with too many disappointments

And I'm so tired of it

So damn tired

And as if crying about it helped

It just makes me hate myself even more


Too many shattered pieces of me

It's hard to just sweep them under the rug

But I have to for the sake of others

I hide them behind a smile


Nobody understands my pain

How broken I really am

They're too damn dumb

Can't they see how fake my smile is?!

It's all a goddamn game of charades!


Why is life so overwhelming?

Why can't I be "normal"

I don't want to be "special" anymore

Because that's only what they tell you to hide the fact from you that your life just sucks

My life sucks

I don't understand anything anymore

And I hate it

I hate the world!


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