Little Hands


Those little hands will never know

What it took for them to grow
The trials that your mother faced
A teen, to adulthood she raced
She never knew this day would come
But now there is no place to run
No curtain of innocence to hide behind
Thoughts uncovered in her mind
Little hands, so dear to hold
Let your story now be told

Oh little hands, your mother dear
Was only sixteen and full of fear
Your father, on the other hand
Was seventeen and almost a man
He didn’t think much of the girl
He slept with her, then left her world
Once he found she held his child
His fake smile faded and he went wild
She cried and cried for endless days
As you formed her spirit frayed


But the day you were born was a happy one
She was the flower, your little hands the sun
On the downside, the care of you
She was not prepared to do

So, little hands, have care in life
Don’t be too quick to grow up, it may lead to strife

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