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I look at her and she looks back at me. Sometimes she will smile or laugh, maybe make a goofy face and play with her hair; other times she frowns.
Wake up every morning The same routine But something seems different to me So what do I see? A girl with no motivation A girl who needs vacation A girl who deep inside cries
What I’ll miss the most is her sweet word Mama sang me a song and i swore i wouldn't forget it  Now I’m looking up to god begging him to remind me of every single lyric
There is always a question or two unanswered, And it's just because you're so young and naive. When you get older, I promis you will see. Just trust me, I love you.  
She is a true mystery, Ms. Annabel Lee.
 You see, the way I stand I present myself well 
Is it dark or is it light? Has it caused so many fights? Can its influence still grow? Of course, with this new smartphone.   We cannot see nor feel it, it governs us just a bit.
Captivated, I could not make a sound. Entranced, I watched as my soul calmly burned; Like snow, the ashes drifted to the ground.    The smoky veil blurred my world, spun it 'round.
Malaika Weliyo Villanelle Some Days   Some days I just want to scream I just want to runaway
We walk through life everyday in a continuous loop. We don't stop for one moment, not even to take a look. Around us is the beauty of nature, the world that has been given to us.
I wonder when I wont see her as my love When will I stop needing her like a drug Will I ever stop wanting a hug Its like a parasite in me, a bug I’m glad we aren’t together but I wish we weren’t apart
I roll out of my warm cocoon to peer out the window. Sunlight reflects off the dazzling diamonds blanketing the earth. The snow beckons me like a warm, loving friend while Homework gives me an icy, reproachful look.
Your 15 so fragile in this hard world, But your coming out of it an easy girl, You throw on your Jordan's and you rock your belly shirt, And You around the block bragging about how your such a big flirt,
In My Dream… I’m Dreamin’ By: Veronica Fernandez What ur doin’ 2 me… is making me insane. I’m not luvin’ the paranoia, But somehow I keep on lookin’.
Love in the form of family and friends cover me in a blanket of comfort and security Away from the cruel and dark world Love motivates me to be my best and nothing more Love gives me a purpose in this world
 I am a woman, There is nothing to be ashamed of. I bleed once a month, sometimes twice I have breast, hips, thighs and booty. I am a woman, There is nothing to fear. I am the accused lesser sex
As I walk down the streets of lifeSeeing dreams being cut up by knivesPorn addicts abusing their wivesThe media spreading it’s liesI look up at the sky and ask why
A glass house Sit inside Watch the storm outside Watch the thunder and lightning Draw the curtains And listen to the thunder Close the windows And hear nothing
 l   Two doors conjoined by a red brick wall,      I could not take both, for there was no time                                         I studied both colors and all,
Time is nearing the end of the day,
Tables get turned, its my turn. I'm in the spur of the moment. Dig deep into the mind the defines you. Take that thought and make it potent.
Why, everyday is its own journey! They are the very steps you walk to your destination.
As a child,
I’m afraid of public speaking and I’m afraid of being judged and I’m afraid of small dark spaces and
Voice is Color Red is a color, purple is too, this is not original, and neither are you.   If we all have a voice, a voice we are all meant to use,
Coming home makes my bones happy. My soul leaps with excitement;  I can't contain myself.   Home is a place I can be free, I can keep my bedhead all day, And no one says a thing.
If I was gay I would think hip-hop hates meHave you read the YouTube comments lately?"Man, that's gay" gets dropped on the dailyWe've become so numb to what we're sayingOur culture founded from oppression
When I look in the mirror,
How? The grass expired. Birds didn't move. They refused to change their tune to a different mood. Time?  My fault. No. Necessary movements due to necessary turns. Dare I not move?  Pass away
Cash makes the world turnThis scholarship is crucial Life is much brutal  
You say you miss meYet you never even callYou say that you’re worriedBut we hardly speak at all
I breathe in air so carefully created, I think of life so weary and jaded. But my hope will rest in the One above,
Back when I was five, I remember you walking me to class on my first day of kindergarten You on my left, my mom on my right I turned to see both of you, eyes filled with that look only proud parents can have
Clandestine laughing, pointing, whispering is what she sees. Crushed, lament, sorrow, hurt, sadness is what she feels.
Our choices determine the routes we take, but our destiny is never truly up to us.
A part of my puzzle the final piece the piece that makes my puzzle complete Continously scattered by blood
A Tiger Cub came to my door, when you and I first met
You asked me if I sang, do you remember? And you berated me for the foolish nonsense on the frail floors? Those below could hear my noise?   And you prepared the suppers we devoured
The leaves began to darken, Turning red, orange, and brown,  Before falling from the shivering tree, Leaving the branches bare and cold. The leaves gather in a cluster, Trying to stay warm,
You professed you were right, and I knew no better Believed what you said, said what you might,  I've decided to finally unfetter Myself from the chains, to the rocks you called "safe"
Why do you hit me? Am I not good enough? I know im not perfect. Just a diamond in the rough. My beauty is within because my outter appearance is scarred. You made waking up each morning so hard.
Broken and tired. She no longer have the strength to fight. Alone and afraid. Why is this happening to her? All she wanted to do was achieve her dreams.
So her body is a ghetto,
She is the scariest thing in this world.
Two brothers, identical, both with the kindest of heart, One was a holy man, one was was smart, Children they once were, youthful and carefree, But no more, Like most children, they grew up,
It started with the beat of a mother's heart,  and crickets rubbing their leg and wing parts. The wind through the trees started the first whistle, and the birds in the trees singing from their tops.  
Daddy’s Little Girl   Daddy’s little girl stares with eyes so bright. So much admiration in just one glance, She twirls and sings, the world is full of joy. The years go by and things start to change.
She's on the right smiling Wearing a White gown. She's on the left crying Wearing a Black gown.
Hockey. Fast-paced,exciting. Skating,Shooting,Scoring Ice, Cold,Grass,Warm Boring,Clubbing,Tee-ing Long,Slow Golf.
Won't you look up t'the face and see it hang?
The person who likes you Wants to make you smile Would do anything to see you happy Thinks about you The one that listens  Little by little you push her away You want to be with someone else
Religion is a guiding light, It helps distinguish what is right. It gives you hope when there is none, And allows you to cope, instead of run. Even in your darkest hour, From it you can still draw power.
As a black man when you look at me what do you see Do you see the over-popularized image portrayed on TV 
Everyday as I turn
I am currently in college studying psychology, with a focus on animal behavior. My goal is to graduate and work with a marine mammal rehibilitation program. Ever since I was younger, I have adored whales and dolphins.
  The sun knows not of her effervescent beauty. Yet it is real, and it is true. She knows not of her light or her warmth. Seeing only the shadows she creates,
When the wedding bells ring And the love birds sing We look back at to our past At how we had such a blast Our first date at the park cuddling together in the dark Our first kiss at school
I am a woman  Not an object or animal 
Life Your turn to spin the wheel Two steps forward and one step back Gained it all and lost it in two seconds flat That is the game we all choose to play Step right up and try your luck Roll the dice
The author of the universe wrote the script. He took a boy and a girl, and made them soulmates. They met, but never fell in love. He took an aspiring youth, and created him to be a quarterback.
Daddy how could you, all I could do, was cry my eyes out, cause you always made me pout. Daddy how could you, all you could, you would go and die, and to me you would lie.
Goodbye my friend it seems like only yesterday when we met and I remember those nights we spent connecting all the dots in the sky and how there were just too many
  Noisy Silence  
I keep getting told I’m not pretty enough,
That day was just another day of rain. There is no other time where I have felt more pain. With overwhelming fear, and doubt on my mind. I fought every day to stay alive. What reasons did I ever have to stay here?
Depression isn’t a sickness you can cure with medication.
  Your absence took effect 5 days after we last spoke As I recalled misdirected anger regarding foolish acts But those 5 days turned into 16 days, 8 hours, 33 minutes, 20 seconds of missing you
They say high school is the best time of your life.  I can agree with that. Throughout the heartbreak, memories, laughter, tears, These have been the best  four years. 
Oh, Man of Atoms How might I Help You? Of What do I Speak when I Speak of You? Do I Speak to Your Nerves, Reacting to Stimuli? Of what Seperation are You and Your Nerves?
It's time my dear, oh for you to let go, of the weighted worries, unto which you've betrothed. 
Let's tell these women they're no sex slaveYou're here to be appreci
All I hear is YOLO, You Only Live Once It seems to be a popular thing I just can't seem to wrap my head around this saying People party, get drunk, and then they all off balance
See pine boxes wrapped in flags What would dull the light Of pure white crosses standing proud O’er the warriors hearts this night   Watch the sun that ever breaks Upon a darkness morn
The fire danced as she sat and watched. She soon became lost, her surroundings subsided. She looked through the mirror of scorching scarlet, What she saw she was not proud of.
Your skin is smooth with the exception of the sutble that seems to be constantly growing on your face. I find a nook in your neck where I rest my hand to cradle your face. Your smile, my God, your smile.
At least my kids don't sleep with niggers. They're gona beat you til you bleed. What are you?
There's a girl sitting in her apartment weeping, All the hurt in her heart is deepening.
  Where does it stem from? The disgusting glum, The unfounded hate, That secures a poor boy’s fate.   If he’s not straight or a bit overweight, There’s no debate. Who are you to judge
the cool air fills my lungs,  as it does i close my eyes,  I thank God one more time, that im alive. I remember how he blessed me, just by giving me a chance, now i exhale and open my eyes,
To ride without the fear of falling, The land speeds by, And ever onward is my calling, To ride where the willow weeps, To see the sun set by the sea, Traveling my beloved country,
We sense the tension estranged urgency--- flows through exhausted arrogant veins   flared reds bruised blues   swell and ooze into a pool of violent violets
The life of me is a story you would want to follow faithfullyBreath taking, heart racing, death wanting the last breath from meBut motivation, a stance I’m taking, going head to head with the enemy
It happens so fast, you hardly can explain, the lights begin to flash and then comes to pain
It was depending on myself for years, and then allowing you in.
Sitting here in a space That is masked by emptiness With an illusion of happiness, I stand in desperate need of somewhere to escape, Escape the pain That has the stories
Her heart breaks at every sight she holds her breath tight
 I was made with love, But not enough to keep. Lost by a father, Found by a dad.
An exquisite reflection Within the soul and heart. Lovely on the interior more than the exterior. Careful to experiment and shy to a degree.
Life can’t be easy when it’s designed to be hard Some things can crack others just fall apart People can hurt you as others love you Difficult things that you will get through
Not old enough to love so much but old enough to die. Where lovers stand by holding hands And look at heaven sky. They say at least she’s out of pain but inside they are crushed. With anger pains,
Bread   Today my friend told me He likes wheat bread
I'm finally finding myself over all these years.  It took me till now; Throughtout my life I have never in my life thought  I could be something special
When did people stop being people? But their race,       thier age,       their gender, or lack of,       their sexuality,       their religion,       their beliefs,        their ideas,
the poppies I walked along the trail I traveled frequently.  Why did all the poppies die? Is it because the sky did not cry for their sorrows and the grew bitter and dried up? 
Her sins haunt her until she can come to terms with what she’s done. Her god forgives her even though her regret has just begun.   She’s searching for what’s right though she’s the only reason why she wronged.
I am staring at a blinking line  Wondering what to write  Awaiting for the words to be defined  Should my word excite or delight?  Should the depress or blurred with rhymes? 
The composer, begins with the melody of a child that comes from a rough family. It’s soft and gentle just like she is. Its harmonic like her voice is. This melody stops!
It's a new day, but is it really ? You can't see It's too foggy You feel like you can't breathe No one can see you walk by Are you really walking by ? Do they see YOU ? Or do they see a black animal
Crisp edges Worn out words Yellowed pages Run-on phrases   Brand new thoughts All over the page
When she was 6, she said she wanted to be a princess. You laughed in her face and told her it could never be.   When she was 8, she ran up to you to show you her art project.
I run but I don’t know why! Is it all the things inside?  Is it all the things that we as teenagers hide? Is it all the thoughts that cross our mind? When we lay sleepless at night
Your wings help you fly your hopes help you soar but these thoughts are so heavy they break and bend your mind destroying your sanity you try to do good but it seems that it is not enough
Head aches Body breaks Heavy eyes Full of lies Wincing from the stomach pain Afraid of the weight she may gain She doesn’t believe a word they say But smiles and says that she’s okay
Brothers know that I care for you  know that you are my everything     know that the poison isnt real When the words that spew from my lips when the dark comes and encases my very being
My frustration is I feel out of place! I had everything I truly wanted and felt whole with what I had. Now I just feel like I have what I want and don't at the same time. I mean fame is becoming more and more of a turn down.
This morning I opened my eyes. I saw the edge of my reality; It was all lies. Those that smiled and said they'd help let me fall. I then thought to stick to my ideas, but life took them all.
I was told of you from a Sunday school teacher and learned more from hearing a preacher. I was taught of your grace and love as a child but my understanding of you is so meek and so mild.
Isn't it strange,  How in the right context, We can make people feel whatever we want them to feel, With just a few simple words. Our words can bring someone down as high as they can build them up.
         I search for the path of enlightenment. I search for my name. So many paths of life stretch on and on yet none are for me. Too many questions on this quest. To be an actor. A writer. A therapist. Too many choices, too many paths.
She sits in her room with blood shot eyes. wearing her jacket to cover her lies. her smile so beautiful, sometimes so fake. Tonight another night, she lays here awake.   They told her to put down the knife,
I divide from my roots with the pierce of a razor. Cleaving a meat fringe, wings endless, pine needles rolling off bark skin, detaches my figure from nature.
Why do I always have to Think? That I'm always on the edge and I'm on the Brink Of falling off and landing with a Clink I'm exploring my own mind and I'm beginning to Sink
  You placed your hands on places they should not go, you took the only thing left that a girl could give to the one she loved.
It is said highschool is the best time of your life Young and full of life. Great memmories and stories can be shared from the 4 years.
14 years old  and growing younger by the minute. Invinsibility is the only way to describe the pain she felt those days. She use to think being free was painful because all she knew was captivity. Could she be even more twisted?
You fall asleep slowly, Letting your dreams take you in. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, But now you’re my everything.   I could spend my whole life Falling in love with your eyes.
No one unsterstands the struggles of a girl.  Her image as beautiful as a pearl. No one sees the problems and pain. everything she try's so hard to maintain. Luckily, every beautiful girl is strong and tough.
  Everybody is a book in life, a book that has a story While we are caught up in the writing of our own story With us as the protagionist and everyone else characters.
Little ones march off to war.Conflict created by the largeYet those small forced to partakeTiny termitesBitty bugsMicroscopic mitesAnts soldiering on loyaly in straight-line formation
I’m disconnected- Out of touch I feel nothing I feel numb I stare blankly upon the world in front of me Everything is moving Everything is alive I feel your touch
BANG!! Gunshots ring in my head shaking my membrains and causing them to shift a fraction of a inch  SCREAM!!! A blood curdeling cry clenching my heart holding it tight in the fist of its fear  DRIP!!
For love I'd give my last words, but never speak them with a lie,I'd fight for your trust, but never force it from your side.For love I'd climb the highest peak, but only if it ended with you as my view,
There is something across the sea,  Something foul that beckons to me.  Will I leave?  I shall indeed. To my Muse that beckons to me.    There is something on yonder shore, 
  I see you often, day after day,All I do is sit around, finding what to say.I only wish to be by your side,To love and hold you till the end of time.
You make me speechless. Waking up to the sweet smell of you on a Sunday morning Makes carnations bloom in my lungs. Feeling your arms wrap around me to prevent me from getting out of bed
I am trapped, Trapped behind these walls of lost opportunity. I want to reach for the stars But my feet are glued to the grounds of poverty. My backs against the walls.
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