Listen because you WANT to hear me


i want to meet someone that actually listens.

someone that hangs onto the words as i talk.

i don't want to speak simply to fill a silence.

i don't want to talk and have the person im talking to listen, but only because they are waiting for their turn.

i want someone, anyone, to hear me.

to understand the importance of what i have to say.

i feel like i spend the majority of my days, speaking about insignificant things.

talking about the latest t.v. shows, styles, hair dye, or even complaining about anything and everything i can.

there is more to me as a person, more that i want to be heard. 

rarely do i talk about my life goals, my dreams and desires. 

rarely do i confide in someone the things that haunt me most.

there is so much silence in this world, that we talk simply to feel an uncomfortable void. 

we listen and use it as a "i heard you now you hear me" card. 

but are we truly hearing the other person or just listening. 

even now the line between listening and hearing is becoming blurry to you. 

well i guess if i ask you to listen to me you would hear me right?

but then that isn't always true. 

see i could tell you that i still feel like bursting into tears every time the sun goes down and im forced to face the night. 

you could recognize what i just said and immediately create a response.

or you could have heard what i said, and you can ask me why.

or even better, stay silent, let me continue. 

hear me for what i have to say. 

please do not simply listen to me to fill a silence, or so that you have a turn to speak. 

think about it for a moment

there are things that just seem so unfit to talk about on a regular basis. 

if i bring up a tragedy of my past it will make people uncomfortable. 

the worst thing is when they say "im so sorry". why are you apologizing to me?

is it to make me shut up?

its because we are not used to people being open, and we do not know what to say. 

but i also have to ask, why are we always thinking of a response?

then there's the overly self absorbed person that is always talking about how good they are doing in life and how they are achieving their dreams. 

we don't know what to say to this person either. 

we feel annoyed that all they can talk about is themselves. 

is that because we are not hearing them? instead we are waiting for OUR TURN. 

why is it that nail polish is a more accepted topic then our dreams, or our nightmares. 

i just want to meet someone that listens.

i dont want you to listen to me for any other reason, 

i need someone to want to HEAR me.


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