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You see the the thing they don’t tell you about burning love Is that nothing burns forever Nothing burns without destruction Or scars A burning love is hot with passion Fearsome with flashes of desire
I am the firstborn Prince of Autumn, Asked how to save oneself from the cliffs edge, and how I saved myself. I do not know where to begin my story,
There once was a queen Who was very mean Amara was her name Tricks were her game Her tricks were sly And she could fly She was above the rest For no one good best her
Spews out the maw bare n paws size of a bear yes, him Donald Trump with maniacal glare gussied up as inane name calling offensive   analogous to an overstuffed ego freezing cold stare
The sun Set on the King, His crown gleaming as he, Shrieked with hatred That the sun was commanding the attention Of the world.
Who is that man? Hot damn! He was the man who let the dogs out I found him in a treehouse  Get out of that tree house! Now he walks with million dollar pants Bring forth the second coming!
You cleaved me open And left my sun-bleached ribs Scattered Across the shores of our youth.   There, by the sea, I gathered sea glass with which to build my home –
                        August 31, 4:34 P.M                         It started off as a “getting to know you”                         The “getting to know you” turned into a new friendship
I love you. And no, I don't mean those cheap I love you's that only come because, "ooo girl the sex was bomb!" I am referring to the fact that you ignite butterflies in the depths of my uterus,
The sunsets as the night gives birth to the cursed red moon and the ground quakes as the forbidden kingdom awakes. The river begins to flow with its red glow as we hail the forgotten king.
I just want to thank GodFor this blessing todayFor a man that is interestedIn all I have to sayA dream chaser like myselfA go getter that won't quitUntil a Grammy is on the shelf
Because I love you... I see no flaws. I see perfection. A true gift made from heaven. The way you smile, how the corners of your lips begin to wrinkle.
"Valley Of Death"
Once upon a time there was a king, but not just a king, A queen, but oh no, Not just a queen, A quite young maiden, But not just a young madien, All were unaware that the perfectly imperfect, 
It was told that a leader of many Would not see the morning moon. That the giver of plenty, Would die too soon.   Today, he decides to live alongside The Light’s curse.
Once upon a time When the world was fresh and new When man could touch the sky To tip their hand in the blue Without burning from the sun Where a castle shined from all lands
Cold consumed me Like fire   I tried to recall my name As I shivered   This new world was iridescent Too bright  
Once upon a time… there was a lean, keen machine who identified as Dr. Facilier.  At the age of 5, Dr. Facilier was abandoned and left in a dark, gloomy forest on the outskirts of Louisiana.
Whether it is sooner or later, people will reveal their true colors. Eventually, the sparkling gleam of fairytales and new beginnings fades into the dark enchanted woods of reality. Imperfections. Losses. Disappointments. Failures.
Open up the gates, let the people see 
I once believed in the American Dream. Now its dead, like Malcolm and the King. I have a dream. One day, freedom will ring. 
Best leader Mackenzie King?Particles are decaying?Function of p?Mussolini?Oh god, help me I'm dying! :) 
A crown of thorns  i bow before,  but know no other king; And nations fall  when they hear the call; that only God can sing relief, repent rejoice  as our king has again returned 
I lie in distant planes of a lost timeAnd my groans and sighs echo against the stones at my feet.For two waxen demons sit on my shoulderssAnd have grown too heavy for my frame.A wing made of wax cannot be folded;Neither can it bear the weight of I
Thank you, Oh, Father For You have awaken me You are King of Kings
I'm a tiger.  He's a lion, Or maybe it's a she. Well, I guess it doesn't matter, Because I am better than them, you see?   You may call them the animal kings, And, yes, they're pretty tough,
Maybe I'm delusionalOr maybe I'm just making things upA carefully executed work of fiction A truth with a twist Or maybe a straight up lie Maybe my perception Is just different 
Sometimes when i look in your eye's I see the solar system other times when i look in your eye's it's like your soul is missing like night and day
She is a queen Her face like wind through winter She asked questions And gave answers In a clear voice Then knelt before the Gray Wolf Heir to the temple Before hailing the ancestors
The stirring of shadows  The waking of dreams A last stand in battle  No one hears you scream But you made it through  Which is worse to you  Pretending to be okay
Long Live the King by Christian Betancourt   God Bless the soul of Martin More than just any ordinary man Perhaps braver and bolder Much more in touch with his convictions
Who is this in the mirror that I see ‘tis I  in the mirror, ‘tis me. Define this person, this person that I see.   Well do you see the warrior, the fearless man that you are?
Young King, Stand here with me as we face the darkness And as light seems to fade and the shadows rise Fear and hopelessness take hold And as my strength weakens I feel the end come near, only to be
  I am a king. I will reach my potential. No matter how hard I try, I will never find all. My limit is in-fathomed, unreachable. It makes me wonder why we lie, "I will never be, will never see, my kingdom."
You won't even begin to understand how I feel about you! Why can't you look my way? Maybe even say hey? Can you just speak for a day? Could you please be potential bae?
He had looks that could kill. Eyes that could melt your soul. A stare that locked you in. And lips that only he himself, could possess. He was like no other. He wasn't just another brotha.
This person is not like the rest 
King Solomon received a gift from the Lord, the gift of being wise.He was able to use his great wisdom to see through people's lies.When a woman stole a baby, she told King Solomon to cut it in two.
You're a king on a golden throne, But you sit up there so alone That is not your a home. Sometimes, you step down among the other people And walk around But they do not wear your mighty crown
You are the Most High You take and you give.
I am but merely a pawn on this chessboard of yours my King.
Lifes really Like a Dream, But it's never what it seems, Looking towards the better things, I'm Just looking for  a KIng who will Treat me like a Queen and I will Treat him just the Same!
One dreary night so bleak and grim, I found myself gone in spirit. No longer was I alone in my room, but alone in the depths of a pit. I looked around this dark chamber but only the full moon and Draco would meet my eyes.
5 minutes is all it takes for a stranger to see what a wonderful human being you are, to become captivated by every part of you and they've only begun to scratch the surface, wh
I am perfect beyond imperfection Nothing can comprehend this lesson That the rise and fall of every good king
I am the dust of the Earth, I may not be very valuable to you, But to God, Yes, I, Even me, I do have Worth.   I am the righteousness of the King, Softly slain by life,
Who am I? Who are you?Who are we trying to be?
I am lifted by the Lord. Craving GOD'S Holy Word. Wherein my thoughts often linger. Searching Scriptures pages, Quelling this world's rages, Finding Christ, Salvation's bringer.
She called upon me to aid her, to stop the crying.  Her crying is a marathon runner who can never reach the finish line. I’m no savior, but I’m the only one left to care.  
We are royal fools.... with no food  We are royal fools.... with no clue
Did you he
I inhale lately the oxygen is accompanied by a dart in my spine a prick in my mind
The things that make me tick... Some you'l understand others you'll get a kick   One thing is double standards: Girl gets layed - she's a sex hazard Guy gets layed - he's got swagger
I hate you
There are many moments in a persons life, but the first moment is birth when one is born into a world that we know nothing about some say it is a beautiful world I say it is
Have you ever woke up one day And looked in the mirror But this day is different than any other day From looking in the mirror Because you see something that wasn't there yesterday You see potential
Born with a story, that includes all my woman ancestor's strength that co-habits with my own. I stand by what i believe is worth crying over and fight until bloody knuckles are stinging.
You are an innocent, rare hummingbird; Constantly fluttering delicate wings- Not flying, but floating softly unheard, Taking what you please from what nature brings.
Tell me how I am supposed to know what to believe in,
    While a man aint answering his phone Or at 3 in the morning, he still ain't home His "Christian Woman" is all alone Asking God "What did I do wrong?"  
“Thump, Thump”. I heard a heart beat not too far away.
The one and Only God of gods, who gave his only begotten son That whom so ever believes in him Shall not perish but live everlasting, Amen. God isn’t real you say? Yet he surely is,
Was there ever more a morning in July, Were a pair embraced A kiss upon ones cheek, set the boy to fly M'lord was that love, Send a sign to assure ones tattered mind, If so be it M'lord I love thee
My passion isn't like any other My passion is the kind of passion that doesn't point its finger but its palm It is the air I breathe; it keeps me calm therefore I'm not a tick...BOMB
I don't want diamonds, and I don't want the world. I just want you to hold me close and tell me I'm your girl. Don't buy me a dozen roses or rings with big rocks. Go to the dollar store and buy me some colored socks.
You died died so I could live. You were beaten so I would be healed. You rose so I could believe. There is none like You. Who is this King of Glory? You are exhalted. You're name is the mightiest.
A pitter-pat, a lowly beat, The gentle treading of my feet. A feeling that only One can bring, When comes the knocking of a King. He seeks entrance to my soul, A gentle warmth, a new-formed coal.
A ship boy cannot find himself to slip into sleep however a king shall? The ship boy is crashing in the imperious waves, winds meeting his emptiness and clouds thundering with vengeance that awaken death itself.
Call me surreal, for I am a king, but not one of Royalty but of my own inner Majesty Through my pen you see, through my art I speak, I describe the impact of death and disease
A single post stood alone,"Woe behold its grace!"said the king.The plank of wood splintered, inebriated with rain,
 You admire chess In an echo booming society That’s out of the ordinary Extraordinary that you can
Dear God, give me guidance Please just take this walk with me For I've lost sight of you, and the Devil is all I see. Lord, I'd rather be blind Than witness nothing other than lies.
  I am one with my soul and God Granted my body to be on this world But how can one, be “one” If they are not connected And they are slipping into this cruel Savage beast we call solitary
Mr. King, Mr. king.  You allowed us all to dream. you may have gotten shot for your dream, but thanks to you we all now have a shot to our dream.  My people are the "Dreamers"
A Pharaoh sits upon His sunny throne, Surfeited, Craven, Oblivious.   The Clouds move in, The Sun, Veiled, hides beneath a layer Of darkness. Another day wasted.  
His scent sends my blood ablaze He takes my mind to a whole different place Heart rate increasing , conscious depleting, sensation building don't want it to end  Hes brought me the warmth again that had once left my soul
My daughter, I created you perfectly the way you are Why are you trying to change that? I made you blonde, Not brunette, I gave you blue eyes, Not green
 The king within his castle looked out upon the sky, The dead-still air seemed restless, the sunlight seemed to die. The clouds came marching onward, an army dread and chill; Within his purple chambers, the king kept watching still.    A rippling
The King is comming back around he's tierd of all the evil that he's found........No more like the lamb he was when he first was around everyone will fear when the King comes back around........So if you joind ranks with the the evil one that talk
There comes a time when all Kings must end their reign no matter how it happens it's all the same.......Some go out with honor and pride while others fade away with only shame by their side.......The young Kings are ready for battle and dreams of
Death, is a jealous fellow he has no age, grace, nor liking it considers not woe, nor sorrow he displays a complete arbitrary arrival he does not consider survival and lingers with denial
confined by the aroma of satisfaction, my grandfather walks the world just a game for him who holds no shame stalked by callous thoughts my grandfather sleeps seeking only to take and receive
The river embraced its one true form To travel its depths through hail and storm. Through the village and through the town Through the kingdom that once was crowned.
The cage’s bars surrounded his elaborate throne and on either side resided two twins who never spoke a word of thanks. No one ever spoke. The day consisted of the same menial job:
Letters of blue, background of gray. A forlorn hue, a fading day. Memories made, memories lost. Characters built, companions cost. Childhood gone, in body for sure. Maturity's con,
Lion Strong, powerful Hunting, preying, stalking Killing animals in seconds King
Death he is a warrior, charging head-on men of great strength and valor. Death he is a coward, Reaping youth of no accomplishment or stature.
(I can lead my people I can rule with an iron fist I can force the shells to sing I can love more than a mother can I can show you the world Like how my grandfathers’ son showed me I can find your desires
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