For the first time in a while...

I just want to thank God
For this blessing today
For a man that is interested
In all I have to say
A dream chaser like myself
A go getter that won't quit
Until a Grammy is on the shelf
Because he made so many hits
He's kind and loving
He's smart and he's sweet
The exact type of man
I'd always wished to meet
Like puzzle pieces,
We fit
I'm not talking about a gym
I'm talking about a gem
The type of chemistry we have
Makes others say "I wish we were them"
But it's not always what it seems
And I know patience is key
It took 19 years and 7 months
To have this King before me
But there's a saying they have
That I can vouch for today
Some things simply are
Worth all the wait
I decided to never settle
And I always kept faith
And the man of my dreams
Confessed his feelings on this date
I don't know if I believe
In love at first sight
So until I am sure
I guess we can stay up all night
Growing closer each moment
We simply spend together
And you take a moment
To ask about my family and the weather
We are fools for love
I'll admit that with no shame
We don't care what they say
About being loyal being lame
Because when two souls connect
And you both feel the same
You can't imagine
Putting the other through pain
You believe in me
Just as I do in you
Without you having to sneeze
I pray to the Lord that he blesses you
With happiness and success
With dreams becoming real
With this connection between us
Being something we always feel
You hold me real close
It's a soft yet strong squeeze
And I say to myself
"Please don't let go of me"
I dread when the sun comes
To shine it's stupid rays
Because there's a certain piece of mind
I have when I stare at your face
You bring me light
Without brightness
Even with all your watches
You're timeless
I'm hypnotized by your music
I vibe with your style
I relate to the struggles
You grew up with as a child
I'm just thankful every night
That I have your number to dial
And for the first time in a while
I wrote a poem with a smile

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