Burning Love

You see the the thing they don’t tell you about burning love

Is that nothing burns forever

Nothing burns without destruction

Or scars

A burning love is hot with passion

Fearsome with flashes of desire

But the hotter you burn

The faster you burn out.

Burning out until ash

Dust in the wind.

As Elvis Presley once said

“I feel my temperature rising, higher higher it’s burning through to my soul”

Burning love scorches and scars

A feverish love.

Don’t you know the purpose of a fever

Don’t you know what the goal is?

To remove the fictitious invaders

The virus that is your love

To purge it from the body

I feel my temperature rising.

It’s burning through to my soul

Cracks begin to form

Like a log in a crackling fire

Sneaky fault lines metastasizing my heart

When all is said and done

The rubble falls away

All that is left behind

Is a hunk

A hunk of burning love.

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