The King is comming back around he's tierd of all the evil that he's found........No more like the lamb he was when he first was around everyone will fear when the King comes back around........So if you joind ranks with the the evil one that talks you into stealing and laughing while your follow man's dieing you'll see the real justist of the lion.......No more will evil rule this land it's time for all to make a stand but if I was you no longer would I be a fool I would be on my knees kissing the lions hand........And the fallen one will have a story to tell to covence you to join his kindom in hell but make your choice well cause there won't be no turning around when the King brings his justist to your land and town........When it comes time for the fallen one and the King to make their final stand there will be rivers of blood through out the land and.... When it's over no longer side by side will good and evil stand when the King returns to claim his land..........


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