August 31, 4:34 P.M.

                        August 31, 4:34 P.M

                        It started off as a “getting to know you”

                        The “getting to know you” turned into a new friendship

                        The new friendship led to short talks on the phone

                        “Hey, how is your day?”

                        “It went well, how about yours?”

                        30 seconds turned into 30 minutes

                        “So, what plans do you have for the month?”

                        “To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it, ha-ha”

                        “Great, because I don’t know either, hahaha!”

                        30 minutes turned into an hour

                        “So tell me, what are your plans for the future?”

                        “Well, I would really like to travel the world?”

                        “Is that so? May I join you?”

                        “Yeah, if you’re paying for your flight(s), ha-ha”

                        “Sounds like a fair game”

                        An hour turned into hours

                        Hours turned into days

                        Days turned into weeks

                        “This week you seem to have been really off, are you okay?”

                        “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for checking”

                        “Anytime, I am always here.”

                        Weeks turned into months

                        “Ya know this month is my birth month, so I’m celebrating all month”

                        “You already know we’re lit!”

                        Every conversation had so much significance even if it was short

                        There was always a distinct tone in the voice or an expression

                        It could be hurt, anger, humor, love, patience

                        An eyebrow raise, a frown, a smile, a wink

                        You name it

                        The longer the conversation the better, but sometimes it got heated

                        “You don’t listen to me!”

                        “You piss me off sometimes, that’s why!”

                        “Well, let’s find a method of communication”

                        “I’m sorry, you’re right”

                        “You know I don’t like when we do this”

                        A few weeks later

                        “Why do you have an attitude?”

                        “I don’t have an attitude”

                        “I know you well enough to know when you have an attitude, so talk to me”

                        “I said what I said”

                        “Well, whenever you’re ready to talk I am here”


                        A few hours later


                        “Are you okay now?”

                        “Yeah, I’m fine”

                        “Listen, if you feel uneasy about something, you can always talk to me”

                        Even the disagreements made the relationship better

Finally, months turned into a year

The year was filled with memories that only the two could understand

Their first FaceTime call

Their first all-nighter

Their first argument

Their first Christmas together, which held their first" I love you"

Their first New Years together

Their first Valentine’s Day

Their first birthday’s together

The list continues

But soon, it had to go away

They weren’t supposed to be so intimate

But their bond grew way too strong for them to let go

Letting go was the hardest thing for them to do

But they decided not to break it off, but to call it a, “talk to you later”

Never would they forget their bond

Never would they forget their first time doing everything together

The seconds that turned into minutes

The minutes that turned into an hour

The hour that turned into hours

The hours that turned into days

The days that turned into weeks

The weeks that turned into months

And the months that turned into a year















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