Ice King

Cold consumed me

Like fire


I tried to recall my name

As I shivered


This new world was iridescent

Too bright


My memories floated away

Chunks of ice in stormy water


Goodbye, my love

Goodbye, to me


This crackling metamorphosis

Painful in every sense


Ice rushed in

And I ran out


A cold shell

An Ice King


To forever be lonely

To forever see nothing


Except for a flame

Small and weak


One step towards it

Ground sliding beneath me


Destiny trapped

Within this flickering flame


How could I let it be

Alone like me


Endless eyes

And simmering hair


She was mine

She had to be


But she could see too much

That eternal, infernal flame


She tried to run away

So I touched the flame


Frozen and glistening

A sculpture for me


How final it seemed

I was alone


A thought came back

A memory lost


It whispered to me

Voice brittle and wilting


Ice can never be

Anything but cold


This poem is about: 
Our world


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