I am a King


I am a king.

I will reach my potential. No matter how hard I try, I will never find all.

My limit is in-fathomed, unreachable. It makes me wonder why we lie, "I will never be, will never see, my kingdom."

There are so many outlets for greatness. So many swords to be brandished. Why must we settle for daggers? 

A stab to the back, et tu.

Collaboration and commerce are where the true virtues hide. Shining for those who find it.

A king is kind, patient, noble. A king is fierce, loyal, hungry. A king is a servant of his people. Who will I serve? What are their names? Where will I find them? 

...Choices and decisions await. Waiting for a boy, a prince, a man. Waiting in slothfulness, in Netfilx, in habits and consequences.

When will I take up my sword and fight? Fight for my people, my family. My past has fought. My future has already won.

I have made the decsion. I will never lie. I will never sit. I will stand atop a high mountain. Using the sword my choices have earned, the shield my routines have won, I will find my kingdom. My family.

For a king of the highest order. A truth that will never die. A truth that with proper training, will be...

...will be a standard of the future! A standard for my children. A resolution to never falter. A broken resolution that will rise. A fixed point in the timeline of history. A history written and sung from the tops of tiers, of villages, of homes. 

A history that says, "Here was a boy, a prince, a man who decided to become more than he was. A man who became a king. Not because of birthright or station, but because he was a choice."

A choice made today. A choice to become... a king.

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