You admire chess

In an echo booming society

That’s out of the ordinary

Extraordinary that you can

Grace the pieces carefully

Striking your opponent till

He/she is stuck…

You admire the pons

They carry on as toy soldiers

Meaning unworthy but

Still is meaningful

It takes hours you see

Learning the positions

And moves and

What or whatnot to do

You love the thrill

The tingly sensation

Removed from your spine

And resumes to the tips

Of your finger nails

You’re finger tips that brushes your onyx marble

Chess set or even the glass

To the queens crown

Or the castle…

2 moves forward for the pawn

8 tops for the castle

Diagonal for the bishop

Awkward movement from

The horse’s knight

The queen moves everywhere

She wants to go

Combining the castle and bishops moves

Because she’s the mother of the air we breathe on


We keep moving 1 to the left

1 up

1 down

And 1 to the right

Us queens we restrict ourselves like kings protected

Also harming ourselves w/

This protection called ignorance

Admiring this blissfulness

That’s only harming our future

Us queens

Forget our self-worthiness

Looking for this esteem

From the king when it says self esteem

You pick up your face

Chew up the pride

And throw on the dignity

Us queens

We claim men don’t know

How to treat a lady when

We don’t know how to


Pick up your face!

Study the art of chess and

Play that role

Where the queen is the

Important peace as in peace

W/ out us to protect where

Would the king be?

Pick up your face!

Us queens

Remember there is

Self in self-worthy

Self in self-esteem

Self in your insecurities

Look in the mirror

And stare in your


Us queens

Need to get out of check and fuck..shit..up

Like it’s supposed to be

Cause what’s a king w/o



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