A king


United States
39° 42' 7.2792" N, 104° 50' 22.65" W

confined by the aroma of satisfaction,
my grandfather walks
the world just a game
for him who holds no shame

stalked by callous thoughts
my grandfather sleeps
seeking only to take and receive

consumed by the ego he breathes
my grandfather shall rule
like a king,
upon a magnificent throne

at this moment
my grandfather smiles,
a smile genuine to you
yet a mask to me, defiant and unyielding

i know again today
what i knew then long ago
that a grandfather like mine
only lives to rule and define

a wall of hate
my grandfather builds
secured by ignorance
and layered with sins

ruefully my grandfather lives
never to feel again
with his silhouette of a heart

deprived of love
my grandfather awaits death
forever shining his armor of hate


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