Pursuit of Happiness

Call me surreal, for I am a king, but not one of Royalty but of my own inner Majesty

Through my pen you see, through my art I speak, I describe the impact of death and disease

I envision the world with my eyes open and also keep the pictures running while you fall away to sleep. For I am Sir Real, a King. But not one of Royalty but of my own inner Masterpiece


As time fades away, too little hours in one day, I try to keep the peace inside my mind

Love affects my Brain, Pride mixes with Pain, like I said there isn’t enough time

Sorrow and Agony fill this space; get me the hell out of this place, every star was meant to shine

My vision has been compromised, I don’t know where my kingdom lies, and Darkness covers up my eyes.


As I travel into the abyss, through mud, grime, shit, and piss, I hate where this is going

I see a figure up ahead, looks old and gray and half past dead, terror in its voice it says “you’re scared and your body shows it”

It says “Im the other version of you, guess you can call me Number 2. Now to show you what to do, gonna show how your dreams came true but first you must ingest this

I drink a bottle labeled Happiness; it’s sour and smelly but goes down quick. I feel so dizzy, what is this shit? Number 2 says “don’t worry but your gonna hate where this is going”


Memories of the past, tears stroll down my cheek and I laugh, “Wait” says number 2 “there is still more to come”

He begins to show me how my dad died, images of the sorrow and the times I cried, “It wasn’t happiness I lied” number 2 says with a grin “and I’m not even done”

He then shows my kids and wife, from misery to joy, it feels like another life. I scratch and claw but I lose this fight, number 2 says “calm down the fun has just begun”

“Your misery will always be, never lonely cause you’ll always have me, I will annihilate your mind and your soul and you have no where left to run”


I wake up it was just a dream, everything is fine not what it seemed, “I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” a voice says from up above

"I’m not done with you yet, I’m still inside of you what else did you expect, I’m taking your family, your friends, and everyone else that you love"

"Fuck your mentality and your goal for greatness, Karma’s a bitch and she’s the only one you’ll have a date with, I shall crush your entire well being cause they say “Enough is never Enough"

"I’ll make you squeal and beg, you’ll wish that you were dead, welcome to your capital punishment, meet the twins Push and Shove"


"Do your worst I’m going to stand my ground, My supporting cast will pick me up if I fall down, fuck you and your twins, let the game begin"

"I have my friends and family, a being up above who protects my heart from anything bad that happens to me, try your game of insanity, my life will not go down in sin"

"I’m motivated to reach my goals, Success is the key to what my future holds, Determination and Passion are the guides for these roads, and your plan is wearing thin"

"Just face it number 2 you’re done, your plan was fucked from the beginning I won, introduce your brain to some bullets and a gun, try and see what happens if you fuck with me again"


Like I said I am surreal, a king, but not one of Royalty but of my own inner Majesty

Determination and Passion are my armor; an Angel protects me as I sleep

I would take every displeasure of the world to keep it at peace

For I am Sir Real, a King, but not one of Royalty but of my own inner Masterpiece


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