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Did it start with my first homecoming dance, when I had my first kiss? Or maybe it started when I had my first heartbreak.
He couldn't stop crying Prying into his soul, that was now bare. It felt like he was dying. His love could only stare. She could hear the noises of the birds
I called quits when you were my coach
I called quits when you were my coach
I walk along a beaten path at least, one that someone else has walked before. I don’t know it,
I had always been the extrovert The center stage and pose for the camera little darling that would make parents wonder how they were raised I loved it  
I. I am from paperbacks             Poolmate liquid chlorine                         And Gauloises cigarettes.   I am from abraded hardwood floors,             Scraping feet lent a soundless echo,
Your mind is like a garden You can grow flowers or you can choose to grow weeds    She amazed herself at how far she had grown From the soil, she tended and not always with ease 
What’s worse than having a life you don’t want to live? How about losing one you didn’t have to? Death can be more familiar than life where I’m from Been to more funerals than graduations
Laugh Scorn Ridicule But my freedom you will never take Drag me to my feet by broken arms
Oh, the stages of life Have been so fun  Even though many times consist of some strife, But deep on the inside I shine bright like the sun    When I was young, And life had barely begun 
Friends come and go. Best friends since kindergarten. Torn apart in the ninth grade. She ghosted me Never spoke to me No communication anymore
Growing up. Something we can't wait to do  But when we are grown  It's something we wish would just slow down  Growing up. When you learn that after every storm there isn't a rainbow
Mama, I think I'm grown now Excuse me? Yes You have gifted me with all the knowledge I need to flourish in this world To be exceptional  You have taught me to embrace the changes the world has to offer
The weight of your infinity is just too much to bare But tell me why when I see you I can’t help but stare Comfort, peace, and freedom all shine onto me If only life could be like this permanently  
Dear small me, It's me Maeva from the future  Please be patient with yourself Don't rush things with others Here in America you will learn much more And grow into a beautiful personality
One thing my body told while I was growing up, If the food's hitting on anything, the flavors WILL show up As a kid, I ate anything, my palette made other kids want to throw up
To the DMV I drove, full of bliss Aware of the independence I would soon gain  I was sure my childhood was one I would no longer miss For I would become a lone lion with a long mane  
Are you who you want to be right now? Not the most perfect you ever but right now. Are you, right now, the you that you want to be right now?   The you that you are right now 
You wake at dawn. You dress; every piece by layer. You move accordingly to what you only know. 20 years, no stop.   You leave saying bye.
You wake at dawn. You dress; every piece by layer. You move accordingly to what you only know. 20 years, no stop.   You leave saying bye.
The Old Me Hollowed and tied back to the bumble tree Or maybe pushed off and truely set free  Waiting, Waiting, Exstaticly -for others to valide me   Shaking,berated,I'm breaking inside I'M TRAPED HERE
Being the oldest of three gave me the unspoken job   To be their guardian angel and hold them when they sob  
Being the oldest of three gave me the unspoken job   To be their guardian angel and hold them when they sob  
School’s out, with my friends, it’s time to go home. 
Hopeless dreams filed a dreary headEvery morning greeted dreadleaving one meek and lowlydarkness growing ever slowlypeace and peril seem to sail closer everyday a sorry suckis hardly a husk of a lesser state all the while still persistent hoping f
It existed in imagination as-  It was about naming what existed Biblical kind of creation through naming first the histronics of an excorcism then, all falsehoods exiled, a joyous acceptance
 I never noticed how much of a princess I used to beI owed zero money, had everything handed to meLittle did I know my silver platter had education in itIt wasn't until much later that I realized how much that piece fit The classes I had to take t
I feel like I have to give everyone an out whenever I ask for help I lost myself in him I forgot who I was and what makes ME happy
"The world is larger than the life i've ever known." said the small yellow bird   To the tall oak tree. the tree replied "it's only as big as you see."
Always one to fall in line, I learned early to obey. Silence and respect protect Against the everyday.  
Quiet child With vibrant mind That’s what I was Either taunted or left to be That was my destiny I grew up surrounded by people
Being a kid Living the dream, right? No bills, no responsibilities School and play and sleep, school and play and sleep Maybe for the priveleged few In this world, not everyone is so lucky.
I am the youngest of 5 girls,  so life seemed to be a breeze everyone would care for me and pay attention to my NEEDS.
Being a kid is fun, it’s a blast too bad it doesn’t last once your in high school and college then you’ll learn you wish you were back your childhood, yes you’ll yearn One must make this life last
i listen to ghostin by ariana and cry i feel her pain when she confesses “he just comes to visit me when i’m dreaming every now and then” i cry because he is the one i’ve lost
When I was a kid I used to think Caspar the Ghost lived in the vents of my room.   I would tie scarves to my ceiling fan and pretend I was Tarzan.
She was fearful of the crepuscule, The shadows that danced through it. Its wicked chased her all around; At club, home, and school.  
Standing alone, In a universe full of clones, It was not until I joined gymnastics, That I took a leap entirely on my own.   Standing alone I learned grace, Not how to chase,
We start out small, but with big dreams That fill up all the space in a room That push the blood through our veins like streams   We begin to grow like stalagmites Inching up slowly towards the moon
I grew up,  learning that there was more to life,  than sitting down watching sonic on saturday nights.  I grew up,  at the age of 10, when father thought he should play pretend,
We’re just enigmas The stigmas I don’t understand it The world, how will I manage A new generation full of ideas reprimanded Millennial
When I understood why people that looked like me were chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ I knew I was no longer a child  The way my heart would drop when a new hashtag was attached to a new black body 
Hours in the car seemed too far, my father's patience for work a thought bizarre, but now I know where my ambitions are, and to meet them I would take that trip to the stars.
It’s funny how life can change in a blink of an eye One second you were there the next you were gone
The Odyssey.    I. Remember when we first walked the halls as freshmen Calm and cool and Collected?
I don’t have a problem, I’m just having fun Don’t you remember what it’s like to be young? Don’t worry about me, I’m having a good time It’s one little rail, it’s just one glass of wine
Fish out of water Trying to keep my head up but the water is getting taller Just keep swimming  So I float like a boat And ill make it to the top It doesnt matter how many tears drop.
Fish out of water Trying to keep my head up but the water is getting taller Just keep swimming  So I float like a boat And ill make it to the top It doesnt matter how many tears drop.
For most of my life,  I never truly grew up.  My home was always filled with strife, feeling like a screwup. I devoted my life to helping others,  at the expense of myself. 
It ended. The pain. The sadness. I finally felt like I was as free as a bird.
You are done, you are through, And it is time that you move on. These thirteen years flew, And it feels that everyone is gone.   Friends come, friends go, And people change.
From elementary to high school, silence dried my words. No longer could I play games or watch anime the same way, when I had no choice but to be committed to six classes per year.
To be 18 and clueless goes hand and hand with growing up. To be 18 and clueless is to sometimes be embarrassed when someone asks what your major is, and you don’t have a clear-cut answer.
When do you grow up and what’s its result? Better question, what decides that you’re an adult? Some people say paying taxes, getting your license, finishing school… …drink at the bar, be in the jury, or finally move.
Oblivious to things that I may         have never seen Clueless to those that didn't    speak for multiple reasons     Now as I approach this     New age and new season 
Soft sunlight pours over campus Streams of students pouring out of buildings Different Everything feels different This is the place I worked so hard for So fast Still a student
Flowers bloom, and people grow. What was once new, will become old. When does a child know? That they have outgrown their youth.  
A glow up formally know to society as, Straight teeth.  Thigh gap.  Lack of back fat.  New hair.  New style.  No brains.  Got game.  Ran three miles.  Look at these smiles. 
To grow is to adapt, To grow is to learn. To grow is to acknowledge self short comings, and forgive yourself for mistakes.  I look back at myself, insecure, bitter, unaccepting, and I must remember;
It started slow,muddy leaves andcracked cement.Your jet black hair, and citrus scent. Slowly I wished,The crimson red in your cheeks.Was caused miraculously by none other than me. Slowly,
Left wing controlling the height, right wing regulating the speed, born left and right together in flight, a bonny blue bird they lead.  
I am a seed sprouting in both infused unfertilized and fertilized soil No one can really fathom the highest potential that I could achieve Only after I, the seed, has proved to weather the storms and turmoil
Twenty-one years old throwing my life away. Roaming the streets with friends: Running, but staying in place.  Where do I go from here? They smell nothing but fear,  and because of that,
I was invited to a movie night out with my friends It was Friday, it would do none of us harm. This was our time to have fun and forget
I received great fortune the month of May As my high school career came to a close I had just celebrated my birthday My life was full of gumdrops and rainbows   And as the days grew short and the nights long
I used to play by the creek play and play, every single day. My brother and I would run and leap. Run and leap the summer away. But one summer, I no longer wanted to play. I'd stay inside, every single day.
After eighteen years of being alive, I finally realized it is my time to thrive. Sure, I knew I was growing up, but I feel as though I've just woken up. Early morning dew is fresh on the grass
Walking from my former self  and becoming one with the new Ive had to return to the time I felt I knew all things to my springtime of dreams to the simplicity of knowing
Walking from my former self  and becoming one with the new Ive had to return to the time I felt I knew all things to my springtime of dreams to the simplicity of knowing
In my family, I have two parents overprotected and traditionalist. I have two older siblings, an independent and smart big brother and a rebel and brave middle sister. And then it is me, 
I’ve been feeling like writing about you for awhile now When it comes to talking about it, I’m not sure how to go about it But I just want you to know, it’s ok if it hurts and you let it show
When this flower bloomed I was 14 years old My breasts began to bud and my heart grew cold Full lips came too and my tongue grew slicker Curves came to the hips and my patience grew thinner
Right out of the Gate I was climbin' Fences Takin' stances and chances and makin' advances Fell off the fence, now I'm back on my feet I'm ready to get climbin' again  
You’re not a little girl anymore.  Is a sentence I’ve been hearing for as long as I can remember    Though I am physically grown  My skin is still soft,
The second time my eyes opened I was broke with bills to pay I was scorched with others pain I was lacking and lost my way   The second time my eyes opened  My walls of insecurity
As a child filled with love and laughter   Not knowing the world could be cold and bitter   A seed that has been planted and reborn again, blooming into a rose that grew between concrete  
I used to think I’ve felt the depth of depression, But I never actually have Until now. Its an overwhelming sadness, Almost painful. Actually, It is entirely painful. So lonely, Consuming
Young and unaware no feelings of despair The world is so simple face full of pimples Not a care in the world life was so simple When I only had to worry about a pimple  
Growing Up, I would crawl on the floor And wriggle and cry. Taking care of me was a chore. “It was easy,” they would lie. Growing Up,                              I would run around
The thing about growing up is that it’s just a myth. A legend created to allow kids to dream that they can climb their own monolith.  
We never really “grow up”. We always have the little kid from yesterday still there in our heads. He’s just learning different stories.
  The mockingbird sits in the dark, While fearing the fury that comes from the falcon.   She awaits fro the falcon to pounce and prey, On her meek body and her innocence.     The mockingbird flies to school,
I thought I loved hearing the words "I love you." Three syllables, three words, Slipping off your tongue too easily Who knew they could be so absurd. Late night phone calls and good morning texts
She's going far and i don't mean a "two hour drive to a different city" far i mean a "seven hour flight across the country" far but She chose this on her own  
She's going far and i don't mean a "two hour drive to a different city" far i mean a "seven hour flight across the country" far but She chose this on her own  
Pieces of love  Like Water Grounded   then  Up  Roots  To soak  Up  More love  Pulling leaf over leaf  Up  To small caterpillar kisses 
Nothing moves as fast as time, As just yesterday I was a little kid. 6th grade I was quiet as a mime; Now made it through 12th without a lid.  Personalities can go through a certain range,
playing outside with my neighbors all day laughing my lungs away My shoes would always come untied but I couldn’t get the bunny ears just right  Always thinking I was ready to be grow up 
In the beginning, things are simple. Food, hold, change, sleep. Development of the young mind growing curious, an incubus of knowledge begging growth.
In the beginning, things are simple. Food, hold, change, sleep. Development of the young mind growing curious, an incubus of knowledge begging growth.
An ever impeding question Ringing through my heart And into my mind Waiting for my ignorance to depart And the truth to emerge   Am ever impeding question That the answer will bring--
Thirteen years old Wind blowing through long blonde hair Cascading rivers down my back
I’m 13 years old, it’s 6 in the morning and the sun’s starting to shine through the window, My mother comes in and rubs my back to wake me up, I roll over “I’m up, I’m up,” She leaves the room.
What they don't tell you about growing up is that you sometimes have to do things alone.  Once you turn 18, it goes from "honey, how can I help?" to "Well, figure it out you're grown.".   
There are people that make it And those who don’t.   Some are given wealth out of their mind And others learn to grind.  
He kissed me He took something A first of many Something I followed with a smile To mask my fear   I didn’t feel any different But I knew Something was different  
In my tiny bubble. It has a shape. i hated who i hated. i didn't get hate. The outside, that i couldn't feel. Was right there, and very real. i talked to them, and, to my surprise?
  Hello mirror! I can't see me... But I see you! You've seen this room for Years, haven't you? I can't reach you, if I try I might fall
 A sheltered home, a loving family This is where I start Learning what’s right
Naive Trusting Ignorant   Pretending that the voice attacking me Was only the soft utters of a friend  
The last summer is what I would call it Only because it cursed me with the thought of change And that scares me too death Kinda like being at a crossroad and not knowing where to go
I’m in a pickle and I don’t know what to do.   I popped it, probably Without even realizing I was covered in thorns   in a bubble.
Night and day they repeated this process The rocky eggs died in gold-dust And the chemical’s specific gravity traveled Not six or seven times, but 360
i turned twenty last weekend and i can already feel my heart rotting Ally Sheedy was right that is not to say that i am an adult but still
  because im scared too i remember you told me when we were at K'OOK last Tuesday night and i wanted to say me too
I bury myself in multiple layers of clothing. White jacket over white raincoat over white t-shirt over white lifevest. The crowd can’t see me when I’m snuggled in all this fabric.  
the thick, hot air hit my skin as i stepped outside  as i walked to my dads car, the serence silence was interrupted by whistles and hollers i look up to see a car driving away filled with men much older than me   
Ice cream my favorite snack Cookie dough chocolate chip in particular Ben and jerry's My favorite ice cream place
I remember the time five of my friends and I used a monitor as a karaoke machine and blasted high school musical songs so loud that we could be heard from the streets below. We had colorful strobe lights going from
Out the womb, fresh air, I finally feel the breeze. Couple years later, I’m walkin, wobbly in the knees. Now I’m finally in pre-school, tryna figure what I wanted to be.
 from proud bellows to mere whispers that are all too mellow, a withered soul looks upon those with a sense of longingto escape its comatose.
girls know growing up as a girl can be gruesome.  expected to mature, expected to look a certain way, act a certain way,      talk a certain way, sit a certain way, walk a certain way
Little kids yearn to be older:  To become independent and make adult decisions. "I can't wait to go to college and get married in London," said 6 year old me, on my way to the park to have a play date 
Little Miss Perfect curls into herself She smashes her sandcastle to rubble once more Again, again, again she’ll try.
See you later, see you later- Where did the time go? I've looked and I've looked- But where did you go?   If I looked under the couch Or even the stairs Maybe then I could find the time there
Growing up I drove a Horse, then a car, and now my life
when i am six there is a princess, a prince, and a villain. one beautiful, one brave, and one bad.   good beats evil,
its difficult to pinpoint the catalyst  of change, tucked neatly between the graying pages  of my childhood and adolescence an autumn of sorts- outside colors fade dull, bare bones exposed to harsh elements like
I felt life decisions on my back. I realized my mistakes were my own, I could no longer depend on the people around me to keep me whole. When I had to make my spirituality my own,
The memory was always fresh...it starts to fade a little now The unsettled push and pull of the heart Think of a million new days, suns, moons, and stars It will pass
I was Happy-go-lucky Running around and enjoying life Nothing but good vibes Completely carefree, worryfree   A pleasant childhood
Calc 1 was a math class I took It led to long hours in a book My first test was bad The workload was mad It all left me quite a bit shook  
How we wish we could go back.Yearning for those easy days of pretend and fun.With the worst pain is a scrapped elbow.
My outlook was blurred My life skewed New environment New schedule New people
In the beginning, there was peace There was friends, playfulness There was religion, purpose  
Mother’s Day Flowers: An open letter from your mother:   An embryo encased within the sheath of a seed, I have loved you since before you were born.
I used to get through quizzes really fast. I never had to study it at all. However, this phase, it would never last Until the year of '13 in the fall.   Like usual, I quickly skimmed a book.
Dreams of wonder, riches, and happiness To becoming the Ultimate Queen of my own fairyland Or even the favorite of a girl rock band I only wanted to have greatness  
Passing passing every street Cars almost like a fleet Thinking back I sat What did I lack I was mature enough But stuck in the now Wasting time every day Is this how I should stay?
Steinbeck had it right parents are just as fallen as the gods   Their flaws sharpened taking them to crumble and shatter   While their visage can never sparkle the same
When I grew, I grew big Puncturing the naiveness that made every choice Constructed with a closed mind and idiocy Shattering the carelessness that made room for no voice
  When I grew, I grew big Puncturing the naiveness that made every choice Constructed with a closed mind and idiocy Shattering the carelessness that made room for no voice
I picked up a book, and you followd the same I glanced at your movents, as we both stared at the first page We smiled and began reading, matching each other's pace,
i know it will be a beautiful Day 
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