You glow with radiance

As a child filled with love and laughter


Not knowing the world could be cold and bitter


A seed that has been planted and reborn again, blooming into a rose that grew between concrete


you are not what you think


You glow with radiance as you speak


you are not what you think


Through endless times and trials I am a seed that had been planted


delevoping character and hope with shackles wrapped around my feet


 As a child at the age of just six, molested and degraded as darkness swallows me


As my innocence taken from me as darkness follows me


The pain I had endure, shedding tears hittng like bullets as I cry wonderning asking , god ''why''?


As a child the inner voice that echos inside telling me, ''you won't make it out alive'' 


Facing the truth of this cold world with a hence of reality


Never taking time to think, wasting time I am stronger than I may think


You are not fragile nor weak


You are strong like the strongest tide of the sea


All is unseen as I glow with radiance as I speak


I celebrate from being in a low place beening planted as a seed growing into a rose that grew between concrete


Growing  and glowing with radiance, knowlegde and wisdom as she speaks


Darkness, will not follow me.


I am stronger than I may think.




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