The New

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 18:39 -- celg43

An ever impeding question

Ringing through my heart

And into my mind

Waiting for my ignorance to depart

And the truth to emerge


Am ever impeding question

That the answer will bring--

A deep sorrow

And a flawless sting

In my childhood


An ever impeding question

Asked with obliviousness

Yet taken like a bullet

All because of a near kiss

and other unspeakable deeds


An impeding question

Over what did happen 

Between a family member and I

A question posed as an assassin

Whose target was my innocence


An ever impeding question 

That was answered as a lie

Which tore down the kid within

In one simple pry

For now a secret was held


An ever impeding question

Now posed as a barrier

Between the new and old--

A new me, a new carrier

Of self-love and dignity



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