Growing Pains

Did it start with my first homecoming dance, when I had my first kiss?

Or maybe it started when I had my first heartbreak.

Was it possibly when I became captain of the color guard and required to lead many.

Could it have been when I finally was placed in my first job.

Maybe it was when I started paying for car insurance and fuel to move my car forward.

Or was it in eighth grade when I had to take care of my best friend who knew nothing of caring of self nor taking care of others, like me?

I don’t believe there is a single instance showing that I had finally grown up.

I don’t even believe I’m grown up now.

However, through all I’ve learned and experienced, one thing is for certain,

growing up isn’t based on one experience in this life.

It is clearly a series of events and moments, experienced through our lives.

And one thing I know for certain, you may not ever realize you’ve grown up,

But one day, trust me… 

It will slap you across your face or probably hit you across your head and BAMMM! 

And then, it is then that you realize, understand and say out loud, whoa...

This is it!!!


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