The Change in Me

I was Happy-go-lucky

Running around and enjoying life

Nothing but good vibes

Completely carefree, worryfree


A pleasant childhood

A happy family

A bucket load of blessings I didn’t even see

A small child unaware of her surroundings


Like a tiny sprout transforms into a towering sequoia

I grew and grew

I became empowered

And became the person I am today


A new person

Different from the innocent child of the past

Aware, alert, and attentive

With a purpose in mind, goals to reach


Little by little

The change in me happened

It was more than just my height

Change, deeply rooted in my heart and soul


Many instances in life changed me

There came a point, and instant

Where it struck me

The world isn’t always rainbows and sunshine


My mom watched the news

Sitting beside her, hearing about shootings, killings, tragedies

Processing all this in my little brain

Our world is a world of destruction


I came to realize soon enough

Bad things happen

People kill, people do wrong

I came to realize it all


And as I grew

I matured

I knew the difference: right VS. wrong

Not a child anymore


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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