My family

In my family, I have two parents

overprotected and traditionalist.

I have two older siblings,

an independent and smart big brother

and a rebel and brave middle sister.

And then it is me, 

the silly and dreamer baby sister. 


We live in a small town,

where everyone's biggest dream is studying in the big city

go to school in the weekdays

go home on the weekends.


I pictured something different for myself

something bigger.


After school, I did not know what to do

I dreamed about living new experiences far away from home.

I wanted to keep improving and learning new things. 

Then, I have an idea:

to learn a new language in another country.

Although I had a problem, I am the baby of my family and

my parents would never let me go.

I never told them what I wanted to do.

It was just a dream. 

I knew I could never go away from my home

leaving my roots and my family.


I stayed where everyone else stayed to make their dreams: our country.

however, things were changing at home.

It started to be difficult to live at home 

opportunities started to go away

things were disappearing:






And other things started to appear:







Our future was getting blurred.


My parents were scared

My siblings and I were scared.

We were all scared.

One day, my parents wanted to talk to me and said:

we love you, and we want to see you flying high,

but you won't do it if we keep you under our arms.

they decided to let their baby girl go as far away as I wished

but it was my decision to leave or stay.

I didn't know what to do 

I had to think fast and quick.


On one side, if I stay 

I could be with those who I love, 

I could fight closer with them,

but I would be helpless.

On the other side, if I go

I would be letting my family, friends and everything I know behind.

My roots, my land, my home,

but I would be helpful to fix our problems.  

I made my decision. 


The day of my departure arrived.

My heart was beating.

Many tears were dropped.

I said bye to my siblings.

I said bye to my parents.

I said bye to everything I knew and loved.

I said bye to my life.

I said bye without knowing when I will come back.



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