Ignorance is Bliss (To Those Who've Felt It)




But my freedom you will never take

Drag me to my feet by broken arms

kick me while my heart is broken

but the light in my eyes will shine

For these eyes have seen the depths of hell

These eyes know what it means to grow

What it means to live

As children these thoughts often evade us 

For we have found the bliss in ignorance

One we come to miss as we grow

But these eyes know no ignorance

They don't remember a moment of that sweet bliss

that rained from the clouds above to wash the pain away 

the rain that blessed every child 

Except for me

Every night the rain would pour 

but all I saw were the storms

The strike of lightning against the blood stained windows

booming thunder shaking these broken walls until they

crumbled at my feet

Instead of ignorance

l spent hours in a closet

listening to the crack of my father's ribs

The screaming of restless winds straining 

against this houses’ once sturdy foundatation

Pulling it apart brick by brick until all that was left

was a broken man who had nothing else to give


Fallen to his knees

he watched as his children were taken

the children who will come to blame only him

Tears burned in the back of his eyes

tears he wouldn’t dare show

because then she’d know

She’d know he’s paralyzed

screaming behind the cage of metal bars

begging for their lives

And she’d hurt them

Just to see the pain on his face 

His children wail


But he can’t save them 

For in the end

the winds had won

With hopeful arms I reach to him

hoping he’d remember a daughter’s touch

But he crumbled apart in my fingers

He lies as an empty shell now


Dragged by broken arms






I realized I was alone

and inorance has deserted me  


This poem is about: 
My family
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