When the Flower Bloomed

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 12:10 -- nfenner

When this flower bloomed I was 14 years old

My breasts began to bud and my heart grew cold

Full lips came too and my tongue grew slicker

Curves came to the hips and my patience grew thinner

All around me, my peers grew tall

Meanwhile I remained petite and small


When this flower bloomed my voice became strained

Fewer words left my mouth but remained in my brain

Thoughts swirled about in my mind like a stew

I refused to share them and instead let them brew

All my friends were supportive, they'd say"I care"

All my friends made a promise to always be there


In season, this flower will bloom once again

With a warm breeze and a smile from a friend

A kiss from a lover, on a day full of fun

Our dreams lie ahead in the setting of the sun

Although we are anxious for what the future holds

When this flower blooms, the land will turn to gold




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