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Such a disaster , I'm passing by With distress to live and get tie My heart says : don't say goodbye But my mind says: let's die! An infinite loop it has made thereby
Shine like a diamond when the world calls you coal   Ignite like a flame, even in winters so cold   Fly like a dove when storms are approaching.   Stand tall like a tree, when no one is watching
We are not appraised by how we begin Nor are we judged by our face or our skin We learn to hide what we’re told to by others Using our clothes and makeups as covers  
Thought: Baby Steps   Have you ever watched a parent guide a toddler's steps? It's whimsical, I say that geared toward the toddler because their legs just aren't strong enough yet, You know?..
Why are you slacking? Don't take shortcuts Don't do hacks If it won't kill you Keep trying Just Try   Why are you crying? Don't be depressed Don't be scared
What’s it to you friend If I had known you when we made some mistakes time and time again So let me tell you what; let me implore you the lesson
If I could spell fear then I wouldn't, Given the chance, I'd scream it in its face, You would begin to stutter but you shouldn't, Fear was designed to put you in your place,
Purpose   Individual. Unique. Personal. Who are you? Who are we? A purpose found – found and exploited. Finding us, no, finding yourself; Obtainable?
Cuz you know, why you gotta try? Plenty of people have gone through life not trying or caring so why me? Cuz you know, why you gotta think? I've met plenty of people in my life
I tried it. I will try anything once. I tried to trust you, believe your promises. I tried to follow you even if you were wrong. I tried to love you, trust me this time.
Look how beautiful she is. Look at her dress, how it shines in the light. Look at her nails, painted just right. Look at her hair full of diamonds and gold.
I tried. but did you try your best? i tried. but did you try again? i tried. but did you care? isnt trying once enough? it depends, did what you try matter to you? At all? maybe.
The sun’s peeking at me. Tickling my face, somehow sliding under my covers. My pillow’s so soft, My blanket so warm, My dream still beckoning,
I try to focus,  but im just too hopeless 8 planets in the universe, I'm on the coldest    The things that complete us, seem to leave us broken i got distracted from success
Poetry Flourishes like a tree,          Expanding it branches,        Reaching, stretching           Trying to expand          Leaves form                        Blossoms bloom             
You have to fall before you can fly,  and you gotta scrape your knees  before you reach the sky.  So don't complain, and don't sigh. And when you think  that you can't go on, well, 
Slow, cringed movements Small breaths, rapid Sapped, every ounce of strength, gone Sun is beating down, blaring hot Sweat drips off of my forehead
Imperfection. That means flawed.  Doing all that you can day in and day out, living the struggle.   They see you trying, they don't see you crying when you are staying up late after work.
I am a failure. I am a failure at being honest. I am a failure at being punctual. I am a failure for being jealous. I am a failure for being greedy. I am a failure at drinking too much. I am a failure for sleeping with too many people.
Here's to all the kids who make it through the end of the day and wake up for the next one  even though all they really want to do  is stay  and hide away.  
She holds the pen when others go rest
There I saw the world
Let your hair down Take your makeup off Put your feet up Relax It's life It'll happen Release your stress Get up and live You don't have to change Don't try hard
I saw ribs, I saw bones, I ad-libbed, My lungs filled I with stones. I saw her eyes; Green like the sea, Looking up at cloudless skies; Bel esprit. Who; Can I be?
Already eleven, my eyes close, my Head is slower, and I´m losing my self,  Like the light lost in the 
ME inadequacy, inadequacy try try try try inadequacy, inadequacy try try try try inadequacy, inadequacy try try try try inadequacy, inadequacy try inadequacy, inadequacy
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
A bird cannot leave the nest Without first learning to fly A parachute without hot air Will never reach the sky.   A rocket without fuel Will miss it's chance to meet the moon
All i do is tryI try when i writeI write until i cryI write until there are mo tears left inside my eyeSo what is the real reason why people try?
Someone told me months ago “Once you find her, just let her go; ‘cause if you don’t, you will fall to stones so foolish and shamed, and so damn alone.” Someone grabbed me by the hand,
I trace the wind It’s path, it takes me Past the part Of happy endings Now I swim I swim so swiftly I cry, I try To hear myself   Can I reclaim my innocence
Stopping half way across his path I leaned up against his soul and saw the demon taking hold. He took out his nine inch sword and held to the sky telling me and my wolf, we were about to die.
I strive and strive to reach the top. Never ever thinking to stop. All I hear is “Go harder, Keep pushing!” and “Be number 1!” But what if number 2 is all I got? They claim words don’t hurt,
An insomniac? Me? No. Never. I don’t need to TRY to sleep. That’s usually the only thing that comes easy to me I always need to TRY to accomplish greater things I have to TRY to learn, to study
                           Why I Try I try for all the people All the ones gazing upon me with zealous thought And all the ones who wonder what the truth had brought   
At a glance... Years are Engraved on the forehead Eroded by concealer Souls are Peering from the eyes Blocked by avoidance Ignorance is Spoken boastfully To those who will listen
Life is a perpetual cold. It is said to cure it "Do what you're told. Don't stray from the norm, or life will suck." But I am not a sitting duck. The status quo is getting old,
  Why try  I try because I want something new. I try because what I wanted was you I try and try, but no longer I do I've stopped trying, but I still think of you. Why try
  Her bones have been broken and she crawls, her legs dragging along, erasing the footsteps of yesterdays routine.  Every inch creaks and snaps and in agony, she stays silent.  " I am Lament."  The sadness of yesterday wavers in her face and she a
Close your eyes, open your mouth, let your stomach shout an OMMMM stretch, relax, take care of your skin, eat properly, be gentle, give, never take, be honest. Work hard, sleep much,  run
Grades are good but I mean there is no other choice. Academics are basically your only voice. The only way to be heard in such a loud world. A world where geniuses are born with a GPA higher than yours.
I held his hand reached for his heart but an arm's reach only reaches so far I stood and strained as if reaching for the stars I reach and reach stretching so far I try for his heart
Try and try strive and strive reach for the stars that all you know is headed towards try and grasp even with crushing feet and glaring eyes condemning you for daring to reach
Starting a phrase with an I makes you selfish all the time, so think before you rhyme and take time on every line If you really wanna hit the spot, hit 'em where it hurts
You have a castle for a mind and those flags They don't bear enough welcome Put your drawbridge down We won't all hurt you how some have Call off the guards and stone walls
All I do is try but nothing seems to go right It makes me want to cry, but never loose sight, The goals I have set, I don't plan on failing, so let me not fret and I'll keep prevailing.
I am searching for my place in this world of open space. Through the barriers and walls it is hard to see our calls. No funding for tution but a degree is needed with ambition to break down that block
Desires I openly nearly never express
Pitter patter,noises unclear The noises quickens in pace As if it has something to tell Something so dear But it leaves a confusing trace An unclear tale?
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