Try for the Stars

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 15:47 -- Myther

Try and try
strive and strive
reach for the stars
that all you know is headed towards
try and grasp
even with crushing feet
and glaring eyes
condemning you
for daring to reach
the place meant for genius
work and work
try and try
envy as some just float by
or stop to stare
as you struggle
-it isn't fair-
but neither is life
all you love has the easy track
the looks
the charisma
the brain
the ease
you cannot bear to be left behind
you reach for the stars
you strain to even glimpse the lowest one
it burns
this trying
this wanting
the knowledge
that you must attempt to hold onto it
while others need not try
you are so close
the A to an A+
the opening act to a best selling band
you do well
you take 2nd place
honored for your achievements
but never enough
you try and you try
but the train to the stars
passes right by
so you run
and you run
and try to jump on
but in trying you miss
and fall even farther
stuck in the dust
with no legs to hold you up
and no air to breathe
no strength to cry
you drag yourself
you pull and you push
to even see the sun
it hurts
it burns
and it rips
but you refuse to give up
those with the easy path up
won't know what to do
with someone that has dragged themselves up
the silence
the boredom
all down below
drive you to try again
you will see those stars
you will try to touch
and one of these days
instead of the harsh words
and stamping feet
someone might turn around
or glance to the side
and offer a hand up
Up and Away
up to the stars
even the lowest of low
as long as you reach and you try
the possibility will never walk by
to never return


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