The Art of Trying


An insomniac? Me? No. Never.

I don’t need to TRY to sleep.

That’s usually the only thing that comes easy to me

I always need to TRY to accomplish greater things

I have to TRY to learn, to study

TRY to live, to laugh, to love




TRY to succeed

TRY to live a good life

TRY to make my parents proud




TRY to live up to the expectations

TRY to live without hesitations,

TRY to live without regrets and complications

Only to be met. By all the difficult situations

That evidently causes me to trip and fall.

To stumble and be left with nothing

Nothing at all


Should even I try?


I end up not having anyone or anything

That my heart truly needs

Ending up watching my pain as it bleeds

It’s a hard knock life isn’t it?

Inevitably met by an endless slumber


Did I try?


Of course I did... 

I’m not an insomniac.

I don’t want to accept that fact

It doesn’t matter that its 5 a.m.

It’s just that…

I don’t know if it’s necessary

To try anymore

So I lie here.

And patiently await my eternal slumber.  


At least I tried…


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