Why Try ?


Why try 

I try because I want something new.

I try because what I wanted was you

I try and try, but no longer I do

I've stopped trying, but I still think of you.

Why try

I see my efforts are pointless

I see you're busy Mrs. A List

I see how I'm selfish in a way, but

I don't see why you miss me,

I never left you one day...

Why try

I think of the perfect things to say to you

I acknowledge your beauty, and always stayed by your side

I reach for your heart, cause you seem to have mine all the time.

Why do I try, because I can,

What have I learned? 

we'll be nothing more then friends.

I tried for something different, but it's clear now

A girl like you isn't worth trying for...

Goodbye ___________


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